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List Growth Rate

List Growth Rate is a key metric that tracks the rate at which an email subscription list expands. It's calculated by assessing the net increase in the number of subscribers within a specified time frame relative to the initial size of the email list. This number offers insights into the effectiveness of email marketing strategies and audience engagement efforts.
List Growth Rate

Targeting Strategies

Refine audience targeting and segmentation to ensure more personalized outreach.

Engagement Analysis

Gauge audience engagement to optimize content that resonates with subscribers.

Campaign Impact

Evaluate the impact of specific campaigns and identify top-performing initiatives.

Resource Allocation

Allocate budget based on List Growth Rate to maximize impact and engagement.

Subscriber Base Expansion

Why List Growth Rate Is Important

List Growth Rate assesses the vitality of an email marketing strategy. A consistently growing list indicates successful outreach and audience interest. It also reflects the effectiveness of lead generation tactics and the appeal of content or incentives.

Furthermore, this rate is a predictive indicator of potential future engagement and revenue. A robust List Growth Rate suggests a healthy pipeline for conversions, highlighting the long-term sustainability of email efforts.

Why KPIs are Important to Track

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Collaborative Metrics Analysis

How List Growth Rate Relates To Other KPIs

List Growth Rate is closely related to Email Open Rate and Click-Through Rate (CTR). A rising List Growth Rate often leads to increased email opens and clicks, indicating a growing audience size and enhanced engagement. 

Conversion Rate is another key metric affected by List Growth Rate. As the list expands, a steady or increasing Conversion Rate suggests that new subscribers are well-targeted and likely to take desired actions.

How Marketing KPIs Interconnect

How To Calculate List Growth Rate

First, determine the net increase in subscribers over a given period. This is found by subtracting the number of unsubscribes from the number of new subscribers. Then, divide this net increase by the total number of subscribers at the start of the period. Multiply the result by 100 to express the rate as a percentage. 

List Growth Rate
Number of New Subscribers
Number of Unsubscribes
Total Subscribers at Start of Period

What Is a Good List Growth Rate?

A good average List Growth Rate typically ranges around 1-3% per month for mature lists. This rate indicates a healthy, steadily expanding subscriber base while maintaining quality and audience engagement. Achieving and maintaining this rate suggests that email strategies attract new subscribers while keeping a low churn rate.

What Is a Bad List Growth Rate?

A bad average List Growth Rate is often below 0.5% monthly. This low growth may signal issues in lead generation tactics, content appeal, or overall marketing effectiveness. It may also indicate high unsubscribe rates, which usually require a review of targeting and engagement strategies.

How To Set List Growth Rate Goals and Benchmarks

In addition to researching industry standards, analyze past performance to understand the growth rates that have historically been achievable and sustainable. 

Back-calculating from revenue targets also provides a List Growth Rate goal. For instance, estimate how many new subscribers are needed to achieve a specific Conversion Rate. 

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Brand Expansion Insight

Why List Growth Rate Matters to Clients

For clients, List Growth Rate is a direct reflection of brand reach and potential market influence. A growing list signifies successful audience engagement and expands a client’s customer base. A healthy List Growth Rate is often a precursor to enhanced sales opportunities. This makes it a key metric for forecasting revenue potential and future business strategies. 

Why KPIs Matter to Marketing Agency Clients
Strategic Growth Measure

Why List Growth Rate Matters to Agencies

A growing List Growth Rate demonstrates that agencies know how to attract and retain a client's audience. It also shows their expertise in crafting successful email marketing campaigns and audience engagement strategies. 

List Growth Rate assists in identifying areas for improvement and refining marketing strategies. Agencies leverage this data to continuously improve email campaigns, show tangible list growth, and drive results.

Why Marketing KPIs Matter to Digital Agencies

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Best Practices for Analyzing and Reporting on List Growth Rate

A comprehensive analysis of List Growth Rate is critical to optimize email campaigns. Here are a few reporting strategies to communicate results and refine future campaigns.


Segment Growth Reporting

Break down list growth by subscriber segments to identify which demographics are most responsive and likely to engage further.


Source Analysis

Report on which acquisition channels contribute most to list growth, such as social media, website sign-ups, or referrals.


Unsubscribe Rates

Include unsubscribe rates alongside growth figures to provide a comprehensive view of list health and engagement.


A/B Test Insights

Incorporate results from A/B testing in signup forms or lead magnets to show how different tactics impact list growth.


Engagement Correlation

Correlate list growth with engagement metrics like open and Click-Through Rates to assess the quality of new subscribers.


Time-to-Conversion Analysis

Track how long new subscribers take to convert after joining the list, linking growth rate to revenue potential.

Reporting on List Growth Rate

Mailchimp Dashboard Example

To better understand how List Growth Rate works in a reporting context, check out the Mailchimp dashboard on AgencyAnalytics. This interface provides a graphical overview of List Growth Rate and a numerical count indicating an increase or decrease in subscribers. This dashboard also presents related email insights like open, click, and unsubscribe rates. With a few clicks, customize this dashboard to include side-by-side data from related campaigns, like social media and PPC advertising, giving clients a comprehensive campaign view.
MailChimp KPI Dashboard Example

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How To Improve List Growth Rate

Enhancing List Growth Rate is crucial for increasing audience engagement and campaign effectiveness. Here are some strategies to accelerate List Growth Rate.


Refine Opt-Ins

A/B testing of placements and CTAs will identify the most effective format for increasing sign-ups.


Content Tailoring

Create a targeted approach by segmenting email lists and personalizing content based on subscriber data.


List Cleansing

Regularly vet email lists to remove invalid email addresses and maintain a high-quality audience.

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