Comparing AgencyAnalytics vs. NinjaCat vs. Report Garden vs. DashThis

Comparison of AgencyAnalytics vs NinjaCat vs ReportGarden vs DashThis

There is a constant struggle for agencies to find an affordable, all-in-one, marketing platform. 

SEO companies tend to have excellent SEO tools, but poor reporting options. Reporting and data companies have great reporting but require you to purchase a subscription from another company to fulfill your SEO and marketing needs.

In this comparison blog, we’ll take a look at four different platforms: AgencyAnalytics, NinjaCat, Report Garden, and DashThis. We’ll weigh up the pros and cons in terms of ease of use, price, all-in-one capabilities, and customer service.

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AgencyAnalytics is an all-in-one reporting platform designed specifically for agencies. With a whole suite of reporting functions, this platform offers one-click integrations, automated reporting, white-labeled dashboards, and essential SEO tools to monitor and report on the success of your marketing campaigns.

While in the industry there is a struggle to create an all-in-one marketing platform that incorporates reporting and SEO tools, AgencyAnalytics offers all of this in one login.

AgencyAnalytics All-in-One Platform Features

Core Features

Drag & Drop Report and Dashboard Editor

AgencyAnalytics offer an easy-to-use drag and drop dashboard editor which allows you to add and edit widgets to display the data that you want. It allows you to connect, visualize, and analyze your data at a glance.

Fully Automated Reports

Once you set up a dashboard or report within AgencyAnalytics, you can set these on a schedule. The reports will be sent to the specified email address at the set time, meaning it provides a level of automation that makes monthly reporting seamless.

One-Click Integrations

AgencyAnalytics’ one-click integration feature allows you to do just that—integrate a data source with just one click. All of your data will be imported into a ready-to-do dashboard that showcases all of your important metrics and data.

SEO Tools

Backlink monitor, rank tracker, and competitor analysis tools plus direct integrations with Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and Google Lighthouse are all offered by the AgencyAnalytics platform. Originally started as an SEO company, they have built-in several robust SEO tools for digital agencies all with a single login and a unified place for the data to live.

Report, Dashboard, and Proposal Templates

With dozens of pre-built report templates, dashboard templates and more, your agency quickly and easily onboards new clients to a professional reporting ecosystem that meets everyone's needs.

There are many report templates available, though these are the most popular ones. 

Plus, there are over 80 platform-specific templates, including the popular Google Ads reporting tool and Google Analytics report template, which automatically populate the most important KPIs as soon as you connect the integration.

And, if you're trying to acquire new customers, you can whip up a winning SEO proposal using the free SEO proposal template.

Strengths of AgencyAnalytics

Ease of Use

“The ease of customizing various dashboards for multiple clients, and the clean way we are able to display various pieces of data across our various managed services.”

AgencyAnalytics offers an easy drag & drop dashboard and report editor, making customization and visualization of data simple. This, coupled with a plethora of pre-built dashboards for you to use, makes this platform one of the easiest out there.

The platform’s one-click integrations mean that you can pull your data from your desired source in no more than two minutes.

Approach to Data

AgencyAnalytics’ approach to data takes an interesting spin relative to that of the rest of the industry. Rather than saying, “data is confusing, and here is your confusing data”, AgencyAnalytics attempts to simplify it. The platform takes your data, ingests it, and presents something comprehensible and visual. It is focused on reporting what the data means, rather than just reporting it. By the time you have connected several data sources, you will already have several pre-populated dashboards.

Value for Money

Offering three pricing tiers, AgencyAnalytics comes in as one of the best-valued data analytics platforms. The low price, coupled with the advanced reporting and SEO tools, makes this platform a strong contender for any competitive and lean digital agency.

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Drawbacks of AgencyAnalytics

Aggregating Data & Custom Metrics

Currently, there is no option to create custom metrics or aggregate data. This can be limiting when you want to ad Google ad spend and Facebook ad spend to get total ad spend, for example.

UPDATE: This feature was released in November 2020.

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NinjaCat is a unified marketing platform, positioning itself at the enterprise level. They provide marketing teams with a platform to store, report, monitor, and analyze marketing data at scale. You can automate reports, track budgets & KPIs, visualize your data, and track and monitor call metrics. NinjaCat offers over 150 integrations to other marketing platforms, ingesting and transforming data.

NinjaCat Screenshot

Core Features

Report Studio

NinjaCat’s reporting dashboards are packaged in a great WYSIWYG editor. It utilizes a drag & drop tool that exports to a PowerPoint, where each widget is still individually editable.

A library of templates is also available to users, meaning already-built dashboards and reports are right at your fingertips.

Multichannel Tracking

NinjaCat’s platform allows you to track your data across multiple channels, making budget and KPI monitoring transparent and automated.

Strengths of NinjaCat


NinjaCat’s report studio is their bread and butter. The ability to create highly customized reports, export them to Powerpoint, and continue to edit them there is pretty powerful.

Data API Out Pipeline

The platform allows you to actually push data out to other BI platforms. Once you have created your reports within the platform, you can then send them to a more powerful intelligence tool to help you to analyze your data further.

Drawbacks of NinjaCat

Time Investment

There is a significant time requirement involved in setting up a NinjaCat dashboard. Pulling all of the data into one dashboard takes time, and may even require the need for an implementation specialist from NinjaCat to assist.

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Report Garden offers a platform with which to automate your data in one unified platform. You can create performance reports, manage data, track SEO rankings, and conduct site audits. They offer the ability to create campaign dashboards, and automated reporting

Report Garden Screenshot

Core Features

Reporting & Dashboards

Report Garden offers reporting and dashboard features, allowing you to connect your social, ads, and SEO data all into one client report.

SEO Audit Tool

Using keyword analysis, backlink analysis, and website analysis tools, Report Garden offers an SEO suite to help track and maintain your SEO efforts. Although owned by TapClicks, just like ReportGarden, there is no real cross-functionality with Raven Tools. 

Strengths of Report Garden

Custom Reporting

The ability to choose from pre-built, customizable dashboards means setting up your dashboards is pretty intuitive.

Easy to Use

The UI and ease of use are called out in Report Garden’s G2 reviews.

Drawbacks of Report Garden

Not Many Advanced Features

Report Garden mainly offers just reporting and dashboards, which is on the lower end of what others in the industry offer in their platforms. And for this, they charge a large monthly subscription rate which would get you more capabilities elsewhere with more robust platforms. 

DashThis Logo


DashThis is an automated marketing reporting tool created to help marketers save hours of work and create their reports in the blink of an eye. The platform offers multi-channel reporting and dashboard creation. The platform caters to everyone from freelancers to franchises to in-house marketing teams.

DashThis Screenshot

Core Features

Report Automation

DashThis, like other data analytics platforms, allows you to schedule reports to be sent out at a time that suits you and your clients. The scheduled reports enables you to send data to you, your team, or your clients at a time that best suits them to consume and analyze.

Dashboard Creation

When integrating your data, the platform offers the opportunity for custom creation or using pre-built dashboards. The pre-built dashboards allow you to easily create reports that speak to your needs and then schedule them at a time that suits you and your team.

Strengths of DashThis

Dedicated Account Rep

If you need help or have any questions, you will have a dedicated account rep to be on hand. This can be anything from dashboard creation to a simple question, or even a feature request.

Drawbacks of DashThis

Limited Offering

Compared to other industry tools DashThis seems to have limited functionality, offering the expected tools that come with an automated reporting platform.

The Bottom Line

The four tools mentioned in this blog will go a long way in making your reporting life easier. AgencyAnalytics and DashThis both offer a free trial, while NinjaCat and Report Garden offer a demo.

A good suggestion is to try them out, test them, book a demo call, and decide which one is the best fit for you.

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