Big Update: Multiple Custom Dashboards & UI Changes!

How to Create Multiple Custom Dashboards for Clients

We've just rolled out another big update: you can now create multiple custom dashboards for each client!

Customers on our Enterprise plan now have the ability to create as many custom dashboards as they need, in any campaign. This has been requested by quite a few AgencyAnalytics subscribers, so we're absolutely thrilled to make this new feature available!

Along with this, we've also made a few UI changes which you'll notice when viewing and editing your custom dashboards.

gif shaun the sheep

With the ability to create multiple custom dashboards, you can now have an endless combination of setups depending on your exact needs. Here are just a few examples:

  • Create a "highlights" dashboard to track your must-see daily metrics

  • Build a custom social media dashboard for your social efforts

  • Set up a "current PPC work" dashboard for your live ads

  • Add a Google Sheets dashboard for your in-house data

  • Apply multiple different dashboard templates

The possibilities are endless!

Here are just a few of the 15 dashboard templates available to get you started.

To add or switch between custom dashboards, simply click the dropdown button at the top left:

highlights dashboard

Clients and staff will have access to all of the dashboards you create (and staff can also edit and create dashboards themselves).

Today's other updates relate to some UI changes you'll see when editing your custom dashboards.

First up, the "Edit Dashboard" button has moved to the top far right.

Importantly, when editing a dashboard you'll now see the "Add Widget" button at the bottom right of your screen, just like in our report editor.

agency dashboard

You also now have the option to cancel any dashboard changes you've made, in case you need to undo any adjustments. Otherwise, click the "Save" button to apply your dashboard changes. Both of these options are found at the top right of your screen when editing a dashboard.

Don't forget that you can also configure the mobile layout of each dashboard as well! Just switch to mobile when editing your dashboard.

Our team is constantly working on improvements: We've got even more exciting updates to come, so stay tuned!

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