Three Brand New Call Tracking Integrations Now Available

New Call Tracking Integrations

Call Tracking seemed to really go mainstream in 2014/2015, and we followed suit with the release of our integrations for and in April of 2015. In the past two years since then, the call tracking industry has grown by leaps and bounds, and a significant percentage of our digital marketing agency customers are now offering call tracking to their clients.

A search on Google Trends indicates a steady increase in interest in the topic over the last 5 years:

Not a day goes by where we don't receive requests for additional Call Tracking integrations. There are literally hundreds of call tracking services out there, so we spent the past 6 months surveying our customers and aggregating request data in an effort to determine the most popular call tracking services used by our customers.

The results are in, and the development has been completed. We're proud to announce the release of integrations for:




These integrations are now available for all campaigns, under the Call Tracking heading in your left-hand side navigation. If you don't see them immediately, please refresh your browser!

If you're not already utilizing some type of call tracking for your clients, you could be falling behind your competitors, and we highly encourage you to jump in as soon as you can! This article from Search Engine Journal provides a nice overview that should help you to get your feet wet.

Without utilizing some type of call tracking softwares, you have no way to know which marketing channels are contributing to phone calls (as well as leads and sales) for your clients. And you have no way to prove to your clients that your hard work resulted in those leads and sales.

These new integrations have a clean look that should be familiar to any customers currently using our platform.

Each of the three new integrations offer a similar layout, with slightly different metrics depending on the data that's available through the company's API. Let's take a quick tour!


WhatConverts is probably the most feature and data rich call tracking integration that we currently offer. In addition to call tracking, they also offer the ability to track web form submissions and transactions, which is unique amongst our call tracking integrations. Another unique item with WhatConverts is the option to tag each call with a "quote value" and/or "sales value".

We display the top metrics in graphical format, including a breakdown of Answered vs Missed calls, Top Sources, and Number of Calls by Data. The "above the fold" graph section is rounded out with easy-to-view-at-a-glance metrics for total calls, total transactions, and total web form submissions.

Below the fold, you can choose to display a wide array of detailed metrics for each specific call, including Data, Caller Name, Lead Type, Lead Status, Lead Source, Phone Number, Duration, Location, Answered/Missed, Quotable (Y/N), Quote Value, and Sales Value.


Avanser is used by customers all over the world, but being an Australian-based company, tends to be the most popular amongst the Australian agencies that we work with.

Above the fold, our Avanser integration looks very similar to the WhatConverts integration, providing graphs displaying Answered vs Missed, Top Sources, and Calls by Date. Avanser doesn't utilize web forms or transactions, so in the "at a glance" section, we've replace those metrics with metrics providing total calls, total calls answered, and total calls missed.

Below the fold, choose to display metrics for each individual call including Date, Caller Name, Source, Phone Number, Call Status, Duration, and Location.


Marchex is unique in it's inclusion of the "Call DNA" metric. Call DNA is a proprietary technology used by Marchex that automatically classifies and scores every phone call. In the graphical area of our Marchex integration, you'll find graphs displaying Answered Vs Missed, a breakdown of calls by "Call DNA" designation and then, just as with our other call tracking integration, a graph showing the number of total calls by date. The "at a glance" section is identical to the one in the Avanser integration, displaying Total Calls, Answered Calls, and Missed Calls.

Below the fold, the Marchex integration allows you to display metrics for each individual call that include the Date/Time of the call, Name of the Caller, Phone Number, Duration, Call Status, and "Call DNA" class.

User Management and White Labeling

As always, you also have the ability to toggle any individual Call Tracking integration on or off in the permissions for each given Staff or Client user. Click here for a complete overview of User Management settings.


Finally, including Call Tracking data from any of these new integrations into scheduled or downloaded PDF reports is as simple as ever. Just setup any report as usual, then add sections for any of the new Call Tracking integrations.

Use the seamless integration to easily provide the value of your call tracking efforts and connect the dots to the success your agency brings to your clients. AgencyAnalytics is here to help you with creating reports and the best call tracking for agencies.

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