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Website Visits

Website Visits represent the total number of interactions a website or webpage receives within a specified timeframe. This metric is a straightforward way to assess a website's overall traffic and gauge its popularity and audience engagement.
Website Visits

Measure Website Traffic

Measure website traffic to understand customer online engagement.

Identify Popular Content

Optimize content strategy based on audience engagement insights.

Track Campaign Success

Evaluate marketing campaigns' impact by monitoring post-launch Website Visit increases.

Reinforce Value to Clients

Demonstrate the tangible value and Return on Investment (ROI) generated by marketing strategies.

Understanding Visits

Why Website Visits Are Important

Website Visits are the first glimpse into online visibility. This KPI reflects audience interest and interaction, helping agencies understand when the audience is engaged. Monitoring web traffic also provides marketing agencies with instant feedback allowing for strategy adjustments on the fly.

Why KPIs are Important

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The Relationship Between Visits and Essential Metrics

How Website Visits Relate To Other KPIs

Website Visits are connected to other vital website statistics such as Conversion Rate, Bounce Rate, and Cost Per Visit (CPV). For example, by analyzing Website Visits in connection to Conversion Rates, agencies pinpoint which traffic sources and content resonate best, leading to higher conversion rates. 

Website Visits are also related to Bounce Rates. If a site has high Website Visits with a high bounce rate, these traffic metrics may indicate an issue with content or site usability. By combining Website Visits with Cost Per Visit, agencies determine whether the marketing efforts are generating a positive Return on Investment (ROI).

Image Illustrating How KPIs Interact
To us, a conversion from PPC is a call, to a client, a conversion is money in the bank. So, having the ability to show SEO / PPC results, with Traffic, Next to a Revenue number speaks volumes. Agency analytics has been one of the few tools we’ve been able to find that merges several data points into one easy to read platform.
Ruben Roel, Investigator Marketing

How To Calculate Website Visits

Calculating Website Visits is straightforward. It's the sum total of unique sessions on the website or a specific web page during a specified time frame. To do this, agencies need access to web analytics tools like Google Analytics. Simply navigate to the desired time period, and find the total Visits metric. Remember, a session typically represents unique visitors or a single user's Visit to the site within a given time, regardless of how many pages they view.

How Many Website Visits Are Good?

Generally, a steady or increasing number of Website Visits, especially with high engagement or conversion rates, indicates healthy traffic. For most small to medium-sized businesses, estimated traffic of several thousand visits per month is considered a good benchmark.

How Many Website Visits Are Bad?

A poor average in Website Visits is typically indicated by low numbers or a declining trend over time, especially when compared to competitor website traffic in the industry. For small to medium-sized businesses, website traffic estimates of a few hundred visits per month or fewer could be a concern.

How To Set Website Visit Benchmarks & Goals

To set Website Visit benchmarks or goals, identify patterns in traffic stats. Agencies usually check traffic and look at Visit times and dates. Are there specific days or hours when the Visits peak? This informs when to schedule content releases or marketing campaigns for maximum impact.

Determine how much traffic the site is getting and then compare the Website Visits metrics to the client’s own website. Keep industry benchmarks in mind to gauge how well the client is performing in a particular sector or industry. This helps set realistic goals and assess the competitive position.

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Boosting A Client’s Digital Presence

Why Website Visits Matter to Clients

To clients, Website Visits is the measurement of the impact of their investment with the agency. It's about having their online storefront bustling with potential customers. 

Clients care about Visits because they reflect the visibility and accessibility of their brand. More Website Visits mean more opportunities to engage, educate, and convert prospects into loyal customers. It's about creating a digital space that not only attracts but also retains visitors, turning them into advocates for their brand. 

Clients also value Website Visits because it's the first step towards achieving their business objectives—from increasing sales to building a robust online community.

Why Marketing KPIs Matter to Agency Clients
Optimizing the Digital Strategy

Why Website Visits Matter to Agencies

Visits are an important metric to agencies because they’re the starting point for gathering valuable data. Monitoring Website Visits helps agencies build engagement strategies, conversion funnels, and ROI-driven campaigns for their clients. 

Agencies use this metric to dig deeper into user behavior, for example, understanding where visitors come from (such as paid versus organic traffic), what they do on the site, and how long they stay. Visits are the starting point for more advanced analytics.

Website Visits are a good metric to reference as an example of the agency’s expertise and navigating digital marketing campaigns overall.

Why KPIs Matter to Marketing Agencies

Streamline Your Agency’s Client Reporting

Best Practices When Analyzing and Reporting on Website Visits

Analyzing Website Visits goes beyond counting clicks. Agencies are looking to understand who is visiting, why, and what actions a person takes afterward.


Track Website Visits Over Time

Tracking Website Visit trends across weeks or months uncovers seasonal patterns and long-term growth opportunities. Ideally, clients will want to see Visits increasing as time goes on, so demonstrating an increase in this metric via the client report will be a feather in the agency’s cap.


Compare Website Visits Across Channels

Comparing Website Visits from different sources like organic search, paid ads, and social media reveals which channels are driving the most traffic effectively. Once the traffic data is gathered, agencies determine which channels to invest more time, energy, and money into in order to improve ROI.


Interpret Trends and Anomalies in Website Visits

Spotting unusual spikes or dips in Website Visits helps agencies adjust strategies promptly for ideal results. If the number of Visits suddenly skyrockets or falls, agencies should dig deeper to understand the cause and make any necessary adjustments.


Implement Tracking Codes Correctly

Double-check that tracking codes are properly installed on all pages of the website. Mistakes in code implementation leads to inaccurate data.


Use Reliable Analytics Tools

Use a reputable free tool or analytics platform like Google Analytics as a website traffic checker. These free tools provide accurate information on keyword rankings, average visit duration, and other comprehensive insights into visitor behavior.


Filter Out Internal Traffic

Exclude Website Visits from the employees at the agency or known IP addresses. This prevents any internal activity from skewing the data.

Reporting on Website Visits

Google Analytics 4 Dashboard Example

Showcase Website Visits alongside other vital metrics in comprehensive marketing dashboards that clients understand. Incorporate them into a Google Analytics 4 dashboard to gain a clear view of overall website performance. Break down website traffic reports by source—search engines, paid ads, and social media—to show clients where their Visits are coming from.
Google Analytics 4 KPI Dashboard Example

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Helpful Tips

How To Improve Website Visits

Want to boost a client’s online presence and drive more traffic to their website? Here are three actionable strategies to get better results.


Optimize Content for SEO

Use relevant keywords, create high-quality, SEO-friendly articles, and optimize meta tags and descriptions for better search engine visibility.


Go Multi-Channel

Share content and use eye-catching visuals on social media and other channels to engage with audiences and attract more visitors.


Improve Website Speed

Optimize images, use browser caching, and choose a reliable hosting provider to ensure the website loads quickly and retains visitors.

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What I liked most about this software is the fact that it is an all-in-one website tool. I’m able to easily track keyword rankings, and check Google Analytics and Facebook insights, all in one place. This tool is very helpful, and I highly recommend it.

Ricardo Santiago
Ricardo Santiago

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AgencyAnalytics is a stunning service that changed the way we communicate with our clients and how we are able to demonstrate our progress and justify the efforts of the marketing plan we created for each one.

María Teresa Suárez
María Teresa Suárez


The software is very easy to set up and to use. I can now send very powerful reports to my clients. The price is very flexible based on my need.

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