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Make client reporting faster and easier with a customizable WooCommerce report template. Simplify data collection, analysis, and presentation and dump the scattered spreadsheets and manual work. Spend less time on data prep and more time on strategy, driving real ecommerce growth for clients.
WooCommerce Report Template Example

Why Your Agency Needs a WooCommerce Report Template

At a growing digital marketing agency, efficiency is key. A WooCommerce report template streamlines client reporting, offering several essential benefits to busy marketing agencies:

  • Consistency: Every WooCommerce sales report you generate follows the same format, building your agency's brand credibility and simplifying data comprehension.

  • Speed: Automated WooCommerce reporting simplifies data collection, reducing manual data entry. This frees your team to focus on strategic tasks directly impacting client satisfaction and retention.

  • Accuracy: Automated templates minimize human errors, ensuring data presented is accurate and reliable, building trust with your clients.

  • Customization: Easily highlight the most relevant metrics for each client. Create bespoke reports in minutes that provide actionable insights and drive results.

No need to wrestle with a finicky WooCommerce reporting plugin–your new reporting solution integrates seamlessly to help you gain valuable insights with less hassle!

These templates, fueled by powerful WooCommerce analytics, transform complex data into clear, engaging insights that build trust and client satisfaction. 

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10 Key Sections Included in a WooCommerce Report

1. Cover Page

Create a professional and branded cover page that sets the tone for the report. Consistent branding builds recognition and trust, positioning your agency as a leader in delivering results.

WooCommerce Report Cover Page Example

Each report should include a professional cover page that clearly states the reporting period, whether it's monthly, quarterly, or specific to a marketing campaign. This transparency ensures clients understand exactly what data is being presented.

Once you’ve created the perfect design, save custom templates to ensure consistency across all client reports.

2. Executive Summary 

Quickly bring stakeholders up to speed with essential insights. Focus on the most impactful data and conclusions to ensure decision-makers grasp critical elements for swift and informed business decisions.

A screenshot of a Report Summary built into the AgencyAnalytics marketing report templates

Crafting an effective WooCommerce report summary ensures ecommerce store owners or managers have the insights they need to make data-driven decisions without having to dig through the entire report. Here are some best practices to consider: 

  • Focus on Key Metrics: Highlight crucial figures like conversion rates, average order value, and traffic sources.

  • Summarize Findings Clearly: Present data in a clear, concise manner that emphasizes actionable insights.

  • Contextualize Data Trends: Offer analysis that connects the data trends with business outcomes to guide strategic planning.

3. Website Traffic

Include website traffic data to assess the store's reach and effectiveness of visibility strategies. Understanding traffic flows and visitor behavior helps agencies optimize marketing campaigns and SEO strategies to drive more targeted traffic.

A screenshot of Google Analytics data across all channels from the AgencyAnalytics SEO report template

Including website traffic data from Google Analytics in WooCommerce reports provides clear evidence of how well awareness and acquisition strategies are performing. It shows the direct impact of SEO, Google Ads, social media campaigns, and more on attracting the target audience to the client’s website. 

4. Total Sales 

Analyze total sales alongside order quantity to reveal trends and patterns in consumer behavior. This data helps agencies refine marketing strategies, optimize campaigns, and enhance sales performance.

WooCommerce Total Sales Metrics

Total sales provides a clear measure of how promotional activities convert into actual revenue, making it easier for agencies to showcase their impact on a client's bottom line. Detailed analysis of gross sales and product sales figures helps agencies highlight areas where efforts have maximized return on investment, aligning marketing tactics with revenue growth.

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5. Top Products

Include product performance metrics to identify top-selling products, low performers, and sales trends across different product categories. This data helps agencies make data-driven recommendations for product optimization, inventory management, and marketing strategies.

WooCommerce Top Products Metric Example

Highlighting top products data within WooCommerce reporting is a powerful tool for agencies to showcase the success of their online sales strategies. This data serves as concrete evidence, demonstrating how effective targeting and promotional campaigns have translated into exceptional ecommerce sales performance.

6. Conversion Rate

Ecommerce conversion rate is essential for gauging the effectiveness of the online store in turning traffic into sales. By measuring conversion rates, agencies identify patterns, seasonal impacts, or campaign influences. Analyzing conversion rates by channel helps pinpoint the most effective marketing efforts for optimized ROI.

Ecommerce Conversion Rate GA-4 Example

Conversion rate data is the gold standard for measuring marketing success. Integrate Google Analytics 4–along with over 80 other data sources–into your WooCommerce reports, seamlessly. 

Whether it’s a self-serve purchase, or a large order helped along with a HubSpot workflow, by showcasing a strong conversion rate, agencies demonstrate their success in optimizing the client's sales funnel and driving revenue growth.

7. Refunds

Understanding the impact of refunds on total performance is key to ecommerce success. Including refund data helps agencies identify underlying issues that might be prompting returns, leading to improvements in marketing messages, product quality, customer service, and the overall shopping experience.

WooCommerce Refunds Metric Example

Highlighting this data also showcases the agency's commitment to fostering a transparent and proactive relationship. Want to showcase net sales from a WooCommerce store? Quickly and easily create custom metrics that subtract refunds from total sales to highlight this data point. 

8. Discounts & Coupons

Track the total value of discounts applied to sales to understand their impact on ROI. This data helps agencies adjust discount strategies to optimize the store's profitability. Analyze if discounts lead to higher sales volumes or merely shift customer purchases without adding value.

WooCommerce Discounts & Coupons Metric Example

This analysis provides insights into which promotions drive the most engagement and which require adjustments. Agencies use this information to refine their clients’ promotional strategies, ensuring that discounts are used strategically to boost both short-term sales and long-term revenue.

9. Average Order Value (AOV)

Include AOV to demonstrate how marketing strategies increase the value of each customer transaction. This metric highlights the effectiveness of upsell and cross-sell strategies, directly correlating marketing efforts to increased revenue.

WooCommerce Average Order Value Metric Example

By understanding AOV trends, agencies advise clients on how to optimize product pricing and bundling strategies to increase the average spend, enhancing revenue without increasing traffic.

10. Order Status & Details

Order status and details offer vital insights into the operational health of an ecommerce store. This data helps uncover potential bottlenecks or inefficiencies in the order processing cycle.

WooCommerce Order Status Details Data Visualization Examples

By providing a clear view of order flow—from placement to delivery—agencies aid in operational optimization and showcase a commitment to enhancing every facet of the customer journey.

Customizable WooCommerce Reports To Meet Client Needs

Add additional metrics from over 80 marketing platform integrations to ensure your reports cover all the metrics your client needs. 

WooCommerce Drag and Drop Report Editor

Flexible reporting features make it easy to tailor reports to specific data points, showcasing how your agency helps clients achieve their unique business objectives. Don’t limit your agency to the narrow view provided by a WooCommerce plugin, provide a complete picture that reflects current performance and guides future marketing initiatives.

Streamline Reporting With WooCommerce Report Templates

Automated reporting platforms and templates are growth accelerators for an agency. A WooCommerce report template creates a scalable system that adapts as your client list expands. 

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This approach gives you back valuable time to focus on delivering winning strategies that help your clients thrive.

Our client reporting process is much more streamlined since using AgencyAnalytics. It has allowed us to reinvest in hands-on client work and proactive communication rather than compiling data to send in an email.

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AgencyAnalytics not only enables the team to have useful data at their fingertips, but also presents it in a palatable way for our clients to digest. Beyond time savings, the platform helps us keep the client conversation centered on strategy vs chasing down metrics and helping the client understand them.

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