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Oct 20, 2020

A New Integration to Snapchat Ads

By the end of 2020, Snapchat is predicted to have 314 million users worldwide. It's a platform with huge potential to reach millions of people.Today, we're bringing you a brand new integration to Snapchat Ads, so you can keep track of, and report...

Alex Girardi
Oct 13, 2020

New Integration for Pinterest

Welcome, Pinterest! This week, we're bringing you a long-awaited integration to one of the most popular image-based social networks.If you're a Pinterest marketer, you know the power that it has. With this integration, you'll be able to track the...

Alex Girardi
Oct 1, 2020

How to Run Twitter Ads: A Step-by-Step Guide for Digital Agencies

Although Twitter Ads are often somewhat overlooked for more popular platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram, the social platform can still be a powerhouse for advertising...if you know what you’re doing.Whether you love or hate the...

Peter Foy
Sep 30, 2020

LinkedIn Analytics: Top 5 Metrics to Track

Are you measuring your LinkedIn marketing efforts? Do you know which metrics to monitor? Over the last several years LinkedIn has grown far beyond just another job site. With more than 700 million business professionals, it has evolved into one of...

Aaron Gahn
Sep 24, 2020

The Best Social Media Posting Times in 2020 (By Platform)

Social media posting times play a significant role in whether or not a particular piece of content gets the attention it deserves. In other words, knowing the time of day and week to post can go a long way in taking social media marketing...

Peter Foy
Aug 20, 2020

7 Instagram Metrics You Should Track to Measure Performance

Do you know the difference between reach and impressions? What about the percentage of your followers engage with your posts? Tracking the most important Instagram metrics is crucial to grow your account and build an engaged following. With more...

Joe Kindness
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