5 Essential Elements That Every SEO Package Needs To Convert Clients

5 Essential Elements That Every SEO Package Needs to Convert Clients

Solvid was established in 2015, and since our inception, we’ve been offering fully managed SEO services. During 9 years of operation and ever-changing Google algorithms, our SEO packages have changed and evolved quite significantly. Yet, they have remained the same foundationally. 

SEO is an ever-transforming field. Agencies that adapt and adopt new strategies will maximize the effectiveness of SEO packages for their clients. And with just under 40% of marketers now outsourcing their SEO campaigns to external services, package precision is a priority.

Over the years, we’ve tweaked and changed our packages according to Google’s algorithm updates, and continue to fine-tune our SEO packages to provide the best experience for our clients.

With this in mind, we’ve listed five essential elements every SEO package needs to convert clients in 2024. Let’s dive in.

Solvid’s Strategy for Creating Successful SEO Packages 

Search engine optimization is, fundamentally, a data-driven way of getting more eyes on your clients’ services and products. 

SEO is all about fostering a powerful online presence. Whether that be through link building, content marketing, or digital PR, all SEO packages aim to drive more traffic to the client’s website for greater conversion potential.

As SEO specialists, we aim to position our clients as far up in an organic search as possible. To do this, we focus on all aspects of search engine optimization, rather than optimizing just one traffic-driving factor in an SEO package.

SEO package offerings have become increasingly common for agencies, and it’s no wonder why. With the ability to offer a client a combination of link-building services, copywriting, technical SEO, and much more for one umbrella price, your agency ensures that all areas of their brand are equally optimized.  

Our years of experience have shown that for an SEO campaign to be truly effective, we need to leverage a variety of strategies. Thus, our SEO packages have always included everything that’s needed to provide a fully-managed, consistent and effective service for our clients–we’ve never been big fans of breaking down SEO services into different, small components like local SEO, on-page SEO and technical SEO. 

Essentially, we haven’t changed or restructured our SEO packages much in the last seven years - we stuck true to our initial strategy. But we’ve adapted our packages to reflect Google’s algorithm updates and pricing. 

Here are some of the key types of Search Engine Optimization services that come in every package we offer:

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the backbone of a triumphant SEO package. These activities consist of optimizing your client’s on-site content to create a foundation for further growth.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO package services aim to improve your client’s website backend, and often include actions gleaned from an SEO audit. This includes optimizing speed, performance, and crawlability so Google will hunt it down with ease.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO services are all about improving your client’s organic search position outside of their website content. This includes building powerful backlinks and getting the client featured in exciting content to increase organic traffic. 

Local SEO

If a client’s business relies on a specific location, local SEO services are an essential factor to add to your website SEO packages, especially with over 87% of customers now researching local businesses online before visiting in person. This service optimizes a website for local visibility. This includes adding geographical keywords, updating map listings, and generating local reviews

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When crafting our own SEO packages, we look at what our competitors are offering, and then we try to give more. The way we price our packages depends on the cost of labor, time, inflation, and competition.

Dmytro Spilka, Director, Solvid

Which Packages Garner the Best Client Response?

When it comes to crafting SEO packages, clients want a clear breakdown of services with straightforward pricing. We do our best not to confuse clients with additional charges and other caveats. 

When you choose to promote your SEO services, keep in mind that your package should be clear and concise if you want your clients to respond well.

We’ve also found that our clients respond best to customization. Creating a compelling SEO package should look different for each client.

For example, one of our clients, a leading retail brokerage, required us to focus 80% of our time on on-off page and link-building components of SEO. The primary reason for that is rigorous compliance that’s needed for all of the internal work (e.g. internal content, website content updates, taglines, etc.). Being in a heavily regulated industry, our client’s internal compliance team has to go through each internal change in great detail. Therefore, we’ve mutually decided to focus our efforts on external content creation, link building, content marketing and digital PR. 

Every business has unique SEO goals, so that’s why we offer as many options as possible to choose from in our SEO packages.

With this in mind, let’s have a closer look at some of the essential elements we include in our SEO packages to get the best response from our clients. 

5 Essential Elements That Every SEO Package Needs in Order To Convert Clients

Many factors make up a great SEO package. If your agency has a diverse set of technical skills and plenty of experience managing your own search engine optimization, you’re likely the perfect candidate to start selling your own SEO packages.

However, it’s not as simple as releasing a singular ‘SEO service’. Every client is different, so a search engine optimization agency must offer a range of SEO package services under the SEO umbrella term. Clients come from a variety of industries, of all shapes and sizes.

For example, a start-up will be looking for a much different approach to an SEO package in comparison to a global online retailer looking for ecommerce SEO packages.

The key here is to create customizable or flexible monthly SEO packages that are clearly mapped out for each consumer, regularly tested and monitored as well as priced fairly yet competitively.

Here are five things to remember when creating your agency’s SEO packages. 

1. Clear Pricing

solvid clear pricing

Source: Solvid Digital

You should clearly price your SEO packages on your website so that each client knows exactly what they’re getting for what price.

SEO packages represent a fairly significant financial investment, so clients will be fussy when choosing the right SEO service packages, and will want to understand exactly what services they’ll receive for their money. 

In each SEO package description, you must be clear about who this service is aimed at. Do the SEO services in this package serve small startups or medium enterprises looking to expand? Being transparent with this helps new clients choose the right SEO services for them.

Whether you price your agency’s SEO packages based on a service or project, we recommend offering a tiered system of services. At Solvid, we price our SEO packages based on the number of services we provide, the hours we aim to spend on the project monthly, and the individual goals of the client. If you’re new to creating SEO packages, we also suggest that you perform a competitor analysis to help decide on a fair pricing list for your agency’s SEO packaging services.

As you can see, our prices are highlighted in bold and are offered in a tiered system of affordable SEO packages ranging from startup SEO services to an enterprise SEO package. 

Agency Tip: Want to offer even more flexibility? Consider offering a customizable monthly SEO package in which a client will pick and choose from your services to create their own fairly priced package for their needs. 

2. A Breakdown of What’s Included 

When creating compelling SEO packages, ensure that your breakdown of what’s included stands out to the client.

Not only is it important to list the services your agency will supply for the package price, but adding SEO-specific buzzwords within your package descriptions could also boost your own visibility within the industry.

Ensure that you list the hours you plan to work on the client’s SEO packages, what approach you take, and the different types of SEO strategies you use to get them to their goal.

For example, when you provide ‘link building SEO services’ in your SEO packages do you plan to get your client’s link inserted into a live article/blog post, or do you plan to also write content on behalf of the client for guest posting opportunities? 

Your client is paying a lot of money for your monthly SEO packages, so it’s important to be transparent about your approach, skill set, and end goal expectations

3. Proof of Effectiveness 

This brings us to our next tip. If you’re planning to sell your agency’s SEO services to a client, you should give them a reason to choose your SEO packages. 

With more than 7,673 digital marketing agencies in the UK alone, SEO services/SEO packages are not hard to find, so ensure that you showcase your agency well to beat the competition. 

One way to do this is to prove the effectiveness of your past SEO campaigns and packages.

Customers love a good case study, so why not showcase the results of your previous client reports and demonstrate the impact your SEO services had on their site's success? 

Solvid Case study examples

Source: Solvid Digital

As you can see here, we list case studies of previous clients on our website to help promote our SEO services and demonstrate the impact we have on search engine success. 

Adding stats on your site relating to growth, the number of backlinks gained, and the increase in organic traffic is a great place to start when promoting your SEO packages. 

4. Reasonable and Manageable Expectations 

Search engine optimization is unpredictable.

SEO specialists do their best to conduct keyword research, and improve keyword optimization and backlink placement within their SEO packages, however, they don’t have control over an organic search, leaving the final ranking decisions to Google itself. 

It’s important to manage client expectations. Your SEO packages should not overpromise results as this puts your agency under a great deal of pressure to deliver unrealistic goals.

Even Google states: “Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a ‘special relationship’ with Google, or advertise a ‘priority submit’ to Google. There is no priority submission for Google. In fact, the only way to submit a site to Google directly is through our Add URL page or by submitting a Sitemap and you can do this yourself at no cost whatsoever.”

Instead of overpromising results, sell your agency’s SEO packages based on the hours you will dedicate to a client and the fantastic results you’ve seen in the past.

It’s okay to inspire a client with your SEO packages and sell your vast set of skills and capabilities, but don’t promise the earth. Your employees will not thank you for that.

5. Straightforward Yet Comprehensive Reporting

Last but not least, implement robust reporting methods into your SEO packages so that both you and your client will see their growth throughout the project. Consistent tracking of backlinks, organic traffic, and a client’s placement on Google helps show a client that their SEO is improving.

Search engine optimization is a long game, so visible growth makes all the difference to a client’s confidence and your team’s morale. Consistently delivering insight on the performance of your agency’s SEO strategy reinforces the ROI of working with your team.

Better still, comprehensive reporting methods help a team identify what is going well and what needs more work when optimizing a client’s online business. See our SEO report template example, we also have multiple SEO integrations with the best SEO audit tools and SEO agency software.

drag-and-drop report builder example

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Are You Ready To Get Started? 

Are you ready to create your own SEO packages? Before releasing your SEO services to the public, ensure that you are up-to-date with the industry trends and well-researched when it comes to battling competitors.

Online services are extremely competitive, so our advice is to lean into your strengths and find a unique selling point for your SEO packages to create a gap in the market that no other business can fill.

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Rebecca is a content marketing manager at Solvid.

Written by

Rebecca Barnatt-Smith

Rebecca is a content marketing manager at Solvid. She specializes in all things SEO and start-up strategy and loves to write about the newest trends relating to business growth and optimization.

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