The 19 Best SEO Audit Tools for Your Agency

Best SEO Audit Tools for a Marketing Agency


SEO audit tools are essential for evaluating and improving website performance in search rankings. This guide features top tools like Google Search Console, Moz, Ahrefs, and Semrush, offering insights for effective SEO strategy development. Dive into detailed analyses with these tools to elevate your client's SEO outcomes. An ideal read for agencies seeking to refine website audits and boost client success.

Staying ahead isn't just about being good; it's about being the best. Marketing agencies understand that the foundation of exceptional client service lies in efficient tools–particularly when it comes to site audits. 

A comprehensive SEO audit tool isn't just nice to have; it's a critical component in your arsenal to deliver results that impress clients and outshine competitors. This article isn't just about listing tools; it's a guide to finding the one that resonates with your agency's unique needs and aspirations. 

Think of this as your compass in the vast sea of SEO audit tool options, helping you navigate towards a tool that doesn't just tick boxes but elevates your agency's strategic approach to a new level.

How We Chose the Best Site Audit Tools for Your Agency

Selecting your agency's ideal SEO site audit tool involves more than just comparing features and prices. It's about finding a solution that aligns with your agency's specific needs, client profiles, and long-term objectives. 

Here's a detailed overview of the criteria we used to evaluate and choose the SEO audit tools:

  • Agency-Centric Features: We prioritized tools that offer features tailored to agencies' unique needs. This includes aspects like automated reporting, collaborative project management, and white label SEO audit tools, which are vital for streamlining agency workflows and presenting deliverables professionally.

  • Comprehensive Site Audit Capabilities: The tool's core functionality, its ability to conduct thorough SEO audits, is obviously the most important factor. We looked for tools that provide detailed insights into SEO errors, technical issues, and actionable recommendations, crucial for enhancing website performance and client satisfaction.

  • User Experience and Learning Curve: The ease of setup, intuitive interface, and the complexity of advanced features were considered. Tools that offer a balance between comprehensive features and user-friendly navigation were given preference, especially since they save time and resources for agencies.

  • Pricing Flexibility and Value: Cost is a significant factor for any agency. We assessed tools offering a range of pricing options, ensuring they cater to various budget constraints and project sizes. 

  • Integration and Compatibility: The ability of tools to integrate with other marketing and SEO tools, and their compatibility with various digital environments were also critical factors. This ensures seamless workflow integration and enhanced productivity.

  • Customer Support and Reliability: Reliable customer support is crucial for agencies managing multiple client accounts. We looked at user feedback regarding the responsiveness and effectiveness of the support teams of these search engine optimization tools.

By applying these criteria, we aimed to present a selection that not only meets a broad range of agency needs but also excels in specific areas crucial for SEO success. This approach ensures that the tools chosen are not just popular choices, but are genuinely effective in enhancing agency operations and client outcomes.

Best SEO Audit Tools

We’ll begin by exploring the best free SEO audit tools, ideal for agencies seeking cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality. 

Next, we’ll transition to the top-paid tools, offering advanced features and deeper insights for those requiring more robust capabilities. 

Whether you're balancing budget constraints or looking for a high-end solution, this list caters to a wide range of agency needs, ensuring you find the perfect tool to elevate your SEO strategies.

1. Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a vital tool for SEO agencies. It offers a direct line to Google’s own data, presenting an unfiltered view of how websites perform in Google's search results.

Comprehensive SEO Analysis

Agencies benefit from Search Console’s ability to diagnose a range of technical SEO issues. From monitoring manual actions to analyzing keyword performance, Google Search Console delivers essential metrics and insights for optimizing client websites. As one of the most popular free SEO tools, Google Search Console represents unbeatable value for agencies. It provides more than 16 months of data, offering a long-term view of site performance and issues.

Site Audit Features

The site audit capabilities of Google Search Console are extensive. It excels in pinpointing technical SEO issues, offering insights into site errors, indexing issues, and the impact of Google algorithm updates. Agencies rely on this tool to identify and address critical website problems, enhancing client site performance.

User Experience 

Agencies value Google Search Console for its direct data from Google and ease of use. However, its lack of certain advanced features found in paid tools can be a limitation. It's an excellent foundational tool for SEO, but agencies might need additional SEO audit tools for deeper analysis.


Google Search Console is a free tool.

Conclusion: Is Google Search Console Right for Your Agency?

For agencies seeking a direct window into how client sites perform in Google search, Google Search Console is one of the best SEO tools in the market. Its free access and comprehensive site audit capabilities make it a valuable tool for any SEO agency. However, for more in-depth analysis, consider pairing it with other SEO audit tools.

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics Homepage Screenshot

Google Analytics stands as a premier tool for tracking overall website performance, providing agencies with detailed insights across various channels. This tool is not just about numbers; it's about stories. Agencies can use Google Analytics to craft narratives that resonate with clients, explaining user behavior across sites and applications. 

With the shift to Google Analytics 4, agencies have the opportunity to leverage even more advanced features.

Beyond Traditional SEO Audits

While not a traditional embedded seo audit tool, Google Analytics offers invaluable insights into user interaction and journey. These insights are crucial for agencies to make informed decisions about SEO and overall website improvements.

User Experience 

The depth of data in Google Analytics is unmatched, though it can be overwhelming. The transition to Google Analytics 4 presents both a challenge and an opportunity for agencies.


Google Analytics is a free tool.

Conclusion: Is Google Analytics Right for Your Agency?

Google Analytics is essential for agencies aiming to understand the nuances of client website performance and user behavior. While it's more analytical than audit-focused, its insights are vital for informing a comprehensive SEO strategy.

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3. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google page speed insights report

Google PageSpeed Insights is an indispensable tool for agencies focusing on optimizing page load times, a crucial factor in user experience and search rankings. This tool offers detailed recommendations for speeding up websites, directly impacting client site performance and search engine rankings.

Google PageSpeed provides agencies with actionable insights based on real user data, making it a key asset in optimizing site performance. 

In-Depth Speed Analysis

PageSpeed Insights offers a granular analysis of key performance metrics like First Contentful Paint (FCP) and Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), Speed Index (SI), Time to Interactive (TTI), Total Blocking Time (TBT), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), allowing agencies to pinpoint and rectify performance bottlenecks.

User Experience 

In the broader spectrum of SEO tools, PageSpeed Insights stands out for its focus on speed and user experience. PageSpeed Insights extends its utility with API integration, a feature particularly advantageous for tech-oriented agencies. This allows for the integration of its insights into platforms like Looker Studio, streamlining the performance analysis process for agencies juggling multiple client projects.


Google PageSpeed Insights is a free tool.

Conclusion: Is Google PageSpeed Right for Your Agency?

For agencies prioritizing page speed and user experience in their SEO strategies, PageSpeed Insights is an excellent choice. It should be coupled with other tools for a more comprehensive site audit.

4. Google Rich Results Testing Tool

Google Rich Results Testing Tool

This tool is specifically designed for validating structured data, a critical element for enhancing content visibility in search results. It allows agencies to ensure their clients' structured data meets Google's standards, a key factor in achieving rich snippet displays in search engine results.

Google Rich Results Testing Tool is a focused utility for agencies to ensure compliance with Google’s structured data requirements.

Core Features: Focused Structured Data Analysis

This tool provides targeted insights into the validity of structured data on client websites, which is essential for achieving optimal display in search results and enhancing user engagement.

User Experience 

Users appreciate its straightforward approach to structured data testing, although it is a niche tool focusing solely on structured data validation, without broader site audit capabilities.


Google Rich Results Testing is a free tool.

Conclusion: Is the Google Rich Results Testing Tool Right for Your Agency?

Agencies focusing on enhancing their clients' content visibility in search results will find this tool invaluable. It's a must-have for ensuring structured data accuracy, although it should be used as part of a broader set of SEO audit tools.

5. Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools Homepage

Bing Webmaster Tools is a solid choice for mid-sized agencies focusing on a comprehensive approach to website optimization and analysis. Its suite, comprising an intuitive interface and a detailed dashboard, offers insights into site performance, indexing status, and keyword trends. The tool's strength lies in providing valuable insights into Bing's search engine, often considered a secondary but significant player in the search engine market.

Agency-Centric Features

Recognizing the specific challenges agencies face, Bing Webmaster Tools delivers features like search performance insights, crawl control, indexing management, and backlink analysis. Its keyword research tool is particularly noteworthy, offering a deep dive into organic traffic-driving search queries. For agencies, these features are instrumental in sculpting a more comprehensive SEO strategy that spans beyond Google's dominance.

Complementary Tool in SEO Arsenal

Bing Webmaster is often viewed as a complementary tool rather than a primary resource. Its limitations, such as less comprehensive data compared to Google Search Console, limited third-party SEO tool integration, and a less vibrant user community, are points of consideration. 

The smaller market share of Bing, although a drawback in terms of search query volume, presents an untapped opportunity for agencies looking to leverage every possible SEO avenue.

Recent Enhancements and Ongoing Limitations

Recent introductions like the SEO website scan and URL submission features have been well-received, adding to its utility. However, users often point out areas needing improvement, such as indexing speed and more detailed technical insights. The platform's interface and support system also lag behind its competitors, which might impact user experience.


Bing Webmaster Tools is a free tool.

Conclusion: Is Bing Webmaster Tools Right for Your Agency?

Bing Webmaster Tools offers a valuable perspective on Bing's search engine, which complements a diversified SEO strategy. Its unique insights and specific tools like the instant index feature are beneficial, especially for those looking to optimize across multiple search engines. However, it's essential to view it as part of a broader toolkit, used in conjunction with more dominant tools like Google Search Console, to maximize its effectiveness. The tool's evolution and adoption of new features might further enhance its relevance in the future.

6. GTmetrix

GTmetrix homepage screenshot

GTmetrix stands out as a performance analysis tool, alerting agencies to technical issues impacting site speed and user experience. It offers an in-depth look at page loading speeds and performance issues, enabling agencies to optimize client websites for better search rankings and user experience.

Detailed Performance Metrics

GTmetrix excels in providing a detailed analysis of page performance, including real-time filmstrip views and simulation on various devices, essential for understanding which site improvements will improve your client’s search engine results.

User Experience 

Agencies appreciate GTmetrix for its ability to assess web page performance from multiple global locations, providing a comprehensive view of site performance. Its focus on user experience metrics is particularly beneficial.


GTmetrix has a Basic plan that is free. From there, pricing ranges from $8.10 to $32.30 per month.

Conclusion: Is GTmetrix Right for Your Agency?

For agencies where site speed and user experience are paramount, GTmetrix offers valuable insights. While excellent for performance analysis, agencies may need to supplement it with tools that offer broader SEO audit capabilities.

7. SE Ranking

SE Ranking White Label Software

SE Ranking stands out as a comprehensive SEO toolkit, designed to cater to the needs of mid-sized agencies and in-house teams. Its advanced datasets and AI and NLP technologies provide unique insights and recommendations, making it a reliable choice for developing and executing effective SEO strategies.

Agency-Centric Features

Understanding the challenges faced by agencies, SE Ranking offers a range of tools tailored to their needs. From keyword research to technical website audits and competitive analysis, it supports all aspects of SEO. Its automated reporting, white label SEO tool, and collaborative project management features are particularly beneficial for agency workflows.

Further, SE Ranking's Agency Pack includes unlimited reporting, a lead generation widget, and extra client seats. 

Site Audit Capabilities

The site audit feature provides detailed insights into SEO errors and areas for optimization. It enables agencies to conduct thorough evaluations of client websites, identifying technical issues and providing actionable recommendations. This tool is instrumental in enhancing website performance and search engine rankings, crucial for client satisfaction and retention.

User Experience

Users appreciate SE Ranking for its ease of setup, comprehensive feature set, and intuitive interface. However, some areas like keyword database breadth and mobile SEO options could see improvements. The platform's learning curve for advanced features and its reporting tools are also points to consider.


With plans starting at $44 per month, and ranging up to $190.20, SE Ranking offers flexibility to accommodate various budget constraints and project sizes.

Conclusion: Is SE Ranking Right for Your Agency?

For agency owners seeking a versatile, comprehensive SEO toolkit with strong site audit capabilities, SE Ranking is a strong contender. Its focus on agency-specific needs, coupled with its broad range of features, makes it a valuable asset for managing client projects effectively. 

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8. Semrush

Semrush SEO Audit Tool Homepage

Semrush shines as an advanced online visibility management platform, highly regarded for its site audit capabilities. Designed for precision and ease of use, this tool stands as a cornerstone for agencies aiming to enhance website health and SEO performance.

User Experience

The SEO audit feature in Semrush offers a comprehensive view of website performance, pinpointing SEO issues like errors and warnings. Its intuitive presentation of these insights ensures that agencies quickly identify and resolve problems, boosting website performance in search engine results.

Semrush's prowess extends to in-depth backlink audits. Agencies benefit from its capacity to scrutinize backlink profiles, rooting out detrimental internal links and safeguarding site authority. Tracking changes over time, this feature also aids in measuring the efficacy of SEO strategies.

Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis

Semrush's value to agencies is amplified by its keyword research and competitor analysis tools. These capabilities furnish comprehensive insights into the competitive SEO landscape, empowering agencies to craft superior strategies.


The Semrush Pro Plan starts at $129.95 per month. While Semrush's extensive toolkit validates its price, agencies, especially smaller ones, must weigh its cost against their budget and needs.

Conclusion: Is Semrush Right for Your Agency?

Semrush emerges as a top-tier choice for agencies. Its amalgamation of comprehensive features, core web vitals, and user-friendly custom SEO reports positions it as an indispensable component in any SEO toolkit, essential for nurturing and elevating website health.

9. Moz Pro

Moz Pro SEO Software Homepage

Moz Pro, renowned as a versatile SEO toolset, caters to a broad spectrum of SEO needs. From keyword research to site audits and rank tracking, it stands as a reliable resource for agencies seeking to enhance their clients’ online presence. Its strengths in site tracking, competitive analysis, and keyword optimization, coupled with a rich array of SEO learning materials, position it as a notable contender in the SEO audit tools market.

Agency-Centric Features

For agencies, Moz Pro's capabilities in website analysis, keyword, and backlink analysis are particularly advantageous. Its MozBar tool, offering insights on broken links, spam scores, and page authority, is a standout feature. The accuracy and utility of its backlink metric, keyword tracking, and on-demand web pages crawl features are vital for improving Domain Authority and understanding competitors' backlink profiles.

Benefits and Challenges for Agencies

Agencies benefit from Moz Pro's comprehensive toolset, providing insights to drive traffic, generate leads, and boost search engine rankings. However, some users find its richness in data and features a bit daunting. While the tool is powerful, navigating through its complexities and making the most of its capabilities might require additional training and guidance.

Website Audit Capabilities

Moz Pro's site audit feature is a mixed bag. While it offers detailed insights, some users feel it needs refinement. For agencies looking to conduct thorough evaluations of client websites, the tool provides valuable information but may also present challenges in terms of ease of use and depth of analysis.


Moz Pro's pricing starts at $99 per month, positioning it as suitable for small to mid-market businesses and digital marketing specialists. 

Conclusion: Is Moz Pro Right for Your Agency?

Moz Pro presents as a strong option for agencies focused on comprehensive SEO insights and improvements in online visibility. However, agencies should consider the learning curve and pricing in their decision. If your agency values detailed SEO analysis and is prepared to invest time and resources into mastering this tool, Moz Pro could be a beneficial addition to your digital marketing toolkit.

10. BrightEdge

BrightEdge SEO Software Tool Homepage

BrightEdge emerges as a frontrunner in the enterprise organic search and content optimization sphere. Boasting a sophisticated deep learning engine, this platform excels in measuring content engagement across diverse digital channels. It's the go-to choice for numerous global brands and top-tier digital agencies.

Agency-Centric Features

BrightEdge's interface earns accolades for its user-friendliness. The platform's keyword research and tracking prowess stands out, providing agencies with the tools needed for nuanced SEO strategies. Additionally, its efficient data management capabilities ensure that agencies can easily handle large datasets. 

In terms of SEO improvement and competitor analysis, BrightEdge delivers insightful data, helping agencies refine their strategies and stay ahead of the competition.

SEO Audit Capabilities

The heart of BrightEdge's appeal lies in its SEO audit capabilities. Agencies benefit from detailed insights into SEO errors and opportunities for optimization. This feature is vital for agencies tasked with elevating the performance and search engine rankings of client websites. It's a tool that not only aids in pinpointing technical issues but also provides actionable recommendations, a crucial element for client satisfaction and retention.

User Experience

Users generally appreciate the platform's ease of setup, comprehensive feature set, and intuitive interface. However, some express concerns about the occasional tool functionality issues and the complexity of user accessibility. The sheer volume of data provided can be overwhelming for some.


BrightEdge pricing is available upon request.

Conclusion: Is BrightEdge Right for Your Agency?

BrightEdge is a great option for agencies, especially those serving large enterprises with complex SEO needs. Its strengths in keyword research, competitor analysis, and SEO improvement are notable. However, the potential challenges around its learning curve and feature limitations need consideration. For agencies ready to invest the time and resources into mastering its extensive features, BrightEdge is a highly effective tool for managing client SEO projects. Those seeking a more straightforward, less data-intensive experience may need to weigh its benefits against its complexity.

11. Ahrefs

Ahrefs Homepage

Ahrefs is a go-to solution for SEO agencies, offering a diverse suite of features that encompass everything from competitor research to SEO audits. It's renowned for its extensive database, housing over 11 billion keywords and 400 billion indexed pages, which translates into remarkably accurate data for its users.

Advanced Capabilities

Professionals in the digital marketing sphere commend Ahrefs for its exceptional backlink analysis and keyword research capabilities. Its competitor analysis and website analysis tools are also standout features. The site audit tool, in particular, is acclaimed for pinpointing SEO issues and suggesting actionable solutions.

User Experience

While Ahrefs is celebrated for its all-encompassing approach to SEO monitoring, its vast array of features can sometimes make navigation and finding specific tools a bit daunting. This is a minor trade-off for the level of depth and breadth it offers.


Ahrefs pricing structure begins with a complimentary Webmaster Tools option. Paid plans start at $99 per month and scale up to $399 per month for more comprehensive functionalities.

Conclusion: Is Ahrefs Right for Your Agency?

For agency owners, Ahrefs is a potent tool with powerful SEO audit capabilities. It's a comprehensive solution that offers insights into various SEO dimensions, such as search volume and incoming and outgoing links. Despite its higher price point and certain limitations in feature breadth, its overall utility and ease of use make it a popular choice among SEO professionals. 

12. Oncrawl

Oncrawl SEO Audit Optimization Tool

Oncrawl emerges as a standout technical and data SEO platform, particularly recognized for its prowess in enterprise SEO audits and daily monitoring. Notably awarded as the most acclaimed SEO platform in 2021, Oncrawl assists over a thousand clients across 66 countries. 

Its user base includes prominent names like Vistaprint, Cazxznon, and Forbes, underscoring its effectiveness in enhancing organic traffic, rankings, and revenue. Oncrawl's strength lies in its technical acumen, offering search marketers straightforward access to indispensable data through actionable dashboards and reports.

Agency-Centric Features

For marketing agencies, Oncrawl's suite of tools proves invaluable. It comprehensively covers the spectrum from keyword research to technical website audits and competitive analysis. Features such as automated reporting, white label branded SEO reports, and collaborative project management features align with the workflows of mid-sized agencies.

Site Audit Capabilities

Central to Oncrawl's appeal is its site audit feature. This tool excels in uncovering SEO errors and optimization opportunities, allowing agencies to conduct in-depth evaluations of client websites. Agencies leverage this feature to identify technical issues and provide actionable recommendations. 

User Experience

Users laud Oncrawl for its ease of setup, comprehensive features, and intuitive interface. However, some aspects, such as the breadth of the keyword database and mobile SEO options, could benefit from enhancements. The platform's learning curve for advanced features and the complexity of its reporting tools are also noteworthy considerations.


Oncrawl pricing is available upon request.

Conclusion: Is Oncrawl Right for Your Agency?

For agencies seeking a technical SEO platform that combines extensive capabilities with an agency-centric approach, Oncrawl presents itself as a formidable option. Its suite of tools, particularly the SEO audit feature, offers substantial value in managing and executing SEO strategies effectively. 

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13. Lumar (Formerly Deepcrawl)

Lumar Deepcrawl SEO Audit Tool

Lumar, known previously as Deepcrawl, distinguishes itself in the sphere of website intelligence, focusing on technical SEO, accessibility, and overall website health. The platform is particularly adept at proactive workflows that identify, track, and address issues across various domains. This capability is a key benefit for agencies, reducing operational costs and improving website performance.

Agency-Centric Features

Lumar's strength lies in its versatility. Its comprehensive crawling capabilities are essential for handling large sites, a frequent requirement in agency settings. Additionally, the platform's ability to integrate with Business Intelligence tools offers a streamlined approach to SEO strategy and execution, aligning well with the multifaceted demands of agency operations.

Professional Services and Support

The professional services team at Lumar is a standout feature, offering substantial expertise in developing search strategies. This aspect is particularly beneficial for agencies aiming to enhance their technical SEO knowledge and provide more nuanced strategies to clients.

User Experience

While Lumar's comprehensive nature is a major draw, its plethora of features can be overwhelming, particularly for agencies looking for a more streamlined tool. The platform’s ease of use is generally high, yet the abundance of features requires a significant time investment to master, which could be a deterrent for some agencies.

Monitoring and Customization

The platform excels in identifying errors and optimizing technical SEO but shows room for improvement in its monitoring features and data manipulation capabilities. For agencies that require in-depth, customizable monitoring solutions, Lumar’s current offerings may fall short of expectations.


Lumar’s pricing is available upon request. 

Conclusion: Is Lumar Right for Your Agency?

Agencies label SEO platform Lumar as a powerful tool focused on technical SEO and website health management. Its comprehensive crawling features, integration capabilities, and expert support make it a valuable asset. However, agencies must consider the platform's complexity, and certain limitations in monitoring and data manipulation features to ensure it aligns with their specific needs.

14. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

For agencies striving to enhance their clients' online presence, Screaming Frog emerges as a noteworthy choice. This tool, specializing in SEO and paid search campaigns, leverages a unique combination of data, technology, and creativity. It's not just another SEO tool; it's a comprehensive solution designed to escalate businesses in the digital domain.

Agency-Centric Features

Screaming Frog's site audit capabilities are particularly relevant for agencies. The tool allows quick and efficient audits, pinpointing both technical and on-page SEO issues. Its ability to crawl large websites rapidly and identify technical issues is a time-saver, transforming the daunting task of manual audits into a streamlined process.

Strengths and Limitations

Users love Screaming Frog for its fast response times, thorough data, and ease of navigation. The ability to export files swiftly and the software's user-friendly interface stand out as significant advantages. Moreover, the recent updates have enhanced the tool's utility by simplifying problem identification and tracking site improvements.

However, there are limitations. The free SEO audit tool restricts crawling to 500 URLs per day, potentially a hurdle for larger sites. Additionally, some users find the design somewhat outdated and the learning curve a bit steep for advanced features. The tool's resource intensity can slow down computers during extensive crawls.


Screaming Frog has a free plan with quite extensive features. From there, the paid plan starts at $259 per year.

Conclusion: Is Screaming Frog Right for Your Agency?

For agencies prioritizing effective and efficient site audits, Screaming Frog offers a mix of speed, comprehensiveness, and user-friendliness. The ability to rapidly identify and address SEO issues makes Screaming Frog a valuable asset in any agency's toolkit. However, agencies should assess the tool's fit with their specific needs, especially considering the limitations of the free version and the learning curve for advanced functionalities.

15. SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite Homepage Screenshot

SEO PowerSuite is a versatile toolkit tailored to address the multifaceted needs of marketing agencies. Its array of features encompasses everything from site optimization and ranking tracking to competitor analysis and backlink management. For agency owners, the ability to access a wide spectrum of SEO tools in one suite is a significant advantage.

Agency-Centric Features 

At the heart of SEO PowerSuite, the WebSite Auditor tool stands out for its capacity to conduct comprehensive SEO audits. It delves into the technical aspects of websites, including meta tags, identifying issues and providing clear, actionable guidance for optimization. The tool's ability to refine site structure enhances overall website performance.

The Rank Tracker offers an in-depth look into rankings, competitor standings, and keyword opportunities, while SEO SpyGlass & LinkAssistant focus on backlink analysis and outreach.

User Experience

Users appreciate SEO PowerSuite’s comprehensive feature set and competitive pricing. The suite's user-friendly reports and strong customer support are highlights, catering well to the demands of busy agencies. However, the lack of a cloud-based option and the suite's division into separate applications might pose challenges for some. 


SEO PowerSuite has a free website audit tool, and also offers both a professional package ($299 per year) and an enterprise option ($499 per year), providing scalability for agencies of different sizes. 

Conclusion: Is SEO PowerSuite Right for Your Agency?

SEO PowerSuite offers a robust, well-rounded SEO toolkit that significantly enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of agency-led SEO campaigns. Its standout website audit capabilities, coupled with a comprehensive set of SEO tools, make it a solid choice for agencies. For those seeking an all-in-one solution with strong SEO audit features at a competitive price, SEO PowerSuite is worth considering.

16. JetOctopus

JetOctopus Tehnical SEO Tool Homepage Screenshot

JetOctopus distinguishes itself as a specialized SaaS tool, designed with a sharp focus on log analysis and crawling for enterprise-level SEO. The integration of crawl reports, log insights, and Google Search Console data in JetOctopus forms a powerful combination, providing a well-rounded technical audit.

Agency-Centric Features

JetOctopus is engineered to address the unique challenges faced by agencies, particularly those managing large and complex websites. The site audit feature of JetOctopus enables agencies to conduct detailed evaluations of client websites, identifying technical issues and areas for optimization. 

Its capabilities go beyond simple site crawling, offering detailed insights into website performance and technical health. This tool is a boon for agencies needing to conduct comprehensive audits quickly and efficiently.

User Experience

Users appreciate JetOctopus for its user-friendly interface, speed, and comprehensive feature set. However, points to consider include the occasional data inaccuracies and minor software bugs. Additionally, the tool's accuracy in crawling and reporting needs consideration, especially for agencies dealing with a variety of client requirements.


Pricing for JetOctopus starts at $237 per month. Additional crawls, logs, GSC properties, and GA properties are available at an additional cost.

Conclusion: Is JetOctopus Right for Your Agency?

JetOctopus is a compelling option for agencies in search of a comprehensive SEO toolkit with robust SEO audit capabilities. Its focus on catering to the needs of agencies managing diverse and large-scale SEO projects is evident. However, it's essential for agencies to evaluate its fit, especially considering the occasional data inaccuracies and software bugs.

17. SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup Homepage Screenshot

SEO Site Checkup positions itself as a versatile tool for agency owners, offering a range of functionalities for website analysis and SEO optimization. Its appeal lies in its accuracy in detecting website errors.

In-Depth Audits and Performance Checks

SEO Site Checkup excels in providing detailed SEO audit reports on website performance and health. This tool is particularly useful for identifying and addressing issues that could affect a website's search engine results.

Agency-Centric Features

The keyword position tracker is a standout feature, effective for monitoring client keyword rankings. However, the tool's site audit capabilities seem limited in certain areas. For instance, it lacks options for checking mobile and desktop site speed, a significant downside considering the importance of site speed in search engine optimization. Also, the absence of competitor website analysis could be a drawback for agencies aiming for comprehensive SEO strategies.

User Experience 

Users have praised SEO Site Checkup for its user-friendly interface and simplicity. However, its feature set appears somewhat limited compared to other SEO audit tools in the market. For instance, the lack of real-time reporting and a more comprehensive competitor analysis may hinder an agency's ability to offer dynamic, up-to-date SEO services.

Further, A notable concern with SEO Site Checkup is its customer support, with some users reporting unresponsiveness and difficulties in resolving issues.


SEO Site Checkup has a variety of pricing options, ranging from $29.95 per month for the Basic plan to $89.95 per month for the Professional plan.

Conclusion: Is SEO Site Checkup Right for Your Agency?

SEO Site Checkup presents a mixed bag. Its accuracy in website error detection, white label reporting, and comprehensive SEO audits are definite pluses. However, the tool falls short in areas like site speed analysis, competitor analysis, and customer support. Agencies must consider these factors, especially when managing complex SEO projects and needing a tool that delivers both depth and breadth in its features. 

18. Web CEO

Web CEO Homepage Screenshot

Web CEO is a next-generation Internet Marketing platform, equipped with an impressive suite of 23 tools. This array includes essentials like keyword research, rank tracking, domain analysis, and notably, comprehensive SEO audits. Its internal link analysis, backlink tracking, and social media management capabilities further enhance its appeal. Tailored specifically for digital agencies, Web CEO's white-label SEO tools allow for professional report customization.

Agency-Centric Features

With a clear focus on meeting the unique challenges of agencies, Web CEO presents a broad range of tools that directly address these needs. Whether it's conducting detailed technical website audits, competitive analysis, or project management, this platform is engineered to streamline agency workflows. The added benefits of automated reporting and collaborative tools make it an even more attractive choice.

SEO Audit Capabilities

Web CEO's SEO audit tool is a standout feature. It offers detailed insights into SEO errors and areas for improvement. Agencies leverage this tool to perform in-depth evaluations of client websites, identifying technical issues and providing actionable recommendations.

User Experience

Users enjoy Web CEO for its ease of setup, comprehensive feature range, and intuitive interface. However, areas like the breadth of the keyword database and mobile SEO options could benefit from enhancements. Additionally, the platform's learning curve for advanced features and its reporting tools are points to consider.


Web CEO's pricing ranges from $37 per month to $299 per month, accommodating different scales and budgets. 

Conclusion: Is Web CEO Right for Your Agency?

Web CEO is a definite contender for agencies seeking a versatile and comprehensive SEO toolkit with strong site audit capabilities. Its alignment with agency-specific needs and a broad range of features make it a valuable asset for managing client projects effectively. 

19. Sitebulb

SiteBulb SEO Tool

Sitebulb positions is an SEO auditing tool that’s uniquely crafted to conduct exhaustive SEO analyses. It's specifically designed to assist agencies in comprehending the most critical issues and relaying prioritized recommendations to clients effectively.

Agency-Centric Features

Sitebulb stands out for understanding the intricate challenges agencies face. It offers a suite of tools specifically tailored for agency needs, including in-depth keyword research, detailed technical site audits and competitive analyses, advanced crawl technology (using the latest Chrome version for JavaScript rendering) and the ability to conduct limitless audits on websites of any size. Its capabilities in automated reporting and the inclusion of client-friendly data visualization make it a perfect fit for agency workflows.

Site Audit Capabilities

At its core, Sitebulb excels in site audit capabilities. Its strength lies in identifying and prioritizing SEO issues, offering detailed explanations, and presenting actionable recommendations. This makes Sitebulb an invaluable tool for agencies looking to enhance their client's website performance and search engine results.

User Experience

Agencies have found Sitebulb to be user-friendly. Nevertheless, its resource intensity for larger sites and the potential steep learning curve for advanced features should be considered. Moreover, its limited integrations with other marketing tools could be seen as drawbacks for some agencies.


Sitebulb offers a flexible pricing structure ranging from $13.50 per month to $245 per month.

Conclusion: Is Sitebulb Right for Your Agency?

Sitebulb is a compelling choice for agencies in search of a comprehensive, detailed, and adaptable site auditing tool. Its agency-centric features and unlimited auditing capabilities make it a strong candidate for managing diverse SEO projects. Overall, Sitebulb offers a robust solution for agencies aiming to deliver high-quality, detailed SEO audits to their clients.

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How To Choose Which SEO Audit Tool To Use for Your Agency

When selecting the ideal SEO site audit tool for your agency, consider these factors to ensure you make an informed decision that aligns with your agency's specific needs and goals:

1. Agency Size and Client Profile

  • Small to Mid-Sized Agencies: Look for tools offering essential features at an affordable price. SEO audit tools like SE Ranking or Moz Pro might be more suitable.

  • Large or Enterprise-Level Agencies: Choose robust platforms like BrightEdge or Ahrefs that can handle large datasets and complex SEO challenges.

2. Feature Set and Specialization

  • Comprehensive Needs: If your agency requires a broad range of features, opt for tools like Ahrefs or Semrush.

  • Specific Focus Areas: For specialized needs like technical SEO, Lumar or Sitebulb could be ideal.

3. Budget and Pricing Structure

  • Analyze the cost-effectiveness of each tool. More expensive options like BrightEdge might offer advanced features, but ensure these align with your budget and are necessary for your operations.

  • Consider tools with scalable pricing, allowing you to upgrade as your agency grows.

4. Ease of Use and Learning Curve

  • SEO audit tools with a steep learning curve, like Moz Pro or BrightEdge, require more training but offer deep insights.

  • If your team values ease of use, consider user-friendly options like SE Ranking or SEO Site Checkup.

5. Integration and Compatibility

  • Ensure the tool integrates seamlessly with other platforms you use.

  • Assess compatibility with your current workflows and systems.

6. Client Reporting and White Label Options

  • For agencies prioritizing professional reporting, choose tools offering white-label branded SEO reports like SE Ranking or Web CEO.

  • Evaluate the customization options in reports to match client preferences.

7. Customer Support and Community

  • Prioritize SEO audit tools with strong customer support, especially if your team is less experienced with SEO tools.

  • Look for a vibrant user community for additional support and insights.

9. Tool Limitations and User Feedback

  • Research user reviews and feedback to understand any limitations or common issues with the tools.

  • Consider how these limitations might impact your specific use case.


The right tool is one that not only fits your current needs but also scales with your agency's growth. It should offer a balance between comprehensive features, usability, cost, and customer support.

It’s vital to trial these tools when possible, to gauge their fit with your agency's workflow and client expectations. In growing your agency, these tools can even be used to assess your own domain, so it’s worthwhile to consider how the platform might best benefit your agency’s growth strategy. 

Remember, the best tool is one that not only aligns with your operational needs but also contributes to the strategic growth and client satisfaction of your agency.

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