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Mar 25, 2020

SEO Tracking: How to Track & Monitor Your SEO Progress

One of the benefits of running an SEO campaign over a traditional, offline marketing campaign is the fact that every detail is tracked and waiting to be analyzed. SEO tracking allows you to objectively identify what’s working with a campaign and...

Peter Foy
Mar 17, 2020

What is Bounce Rate? How to Measure, Analyze, & Improve this Metric

In this article we’re going to discuss bounce rate, which is often one of the most misunderstood metrics in web analytics. By the end of the article you’ll learn exactly what bounce rate is, what to expect from the metric, and when you need to...

Agota Bialobzeskyte
Jan 20, 2020

How to Write an Effective Content Brief for Writers

Are you staffed with the responsibility of creating content briefs for writers? Do you often struggle to provide writers with the direction necessary to create quality content based on your specifications? Rather than continue your uphill battle,...

Chris Bibey
Jan 4, 2019

SEO Reseller Programs: A Starter Guide for Agencies

Picture this scenario: an existing client asks for SEO services. You agree because you don't want to lose the client (plus the extra cash is nice). Of course, you don't have enough SEO expertise, but you figure it can't really be that hard. Fast...

Joe Kindness
Dec 20, 2018

6 SEO Certifications & Courses to Level Up Your Agency

As you start your SEO agency or freelance business, you may ask, "What can I do to give my SEO skills a boost?" An SEO certification and course will likely come up on your radar. In today's world, you can learn anything you want from the comfort...

Rebecca Bowden
Nov 29, 2018

What to Include in a Winning SEO Proposal (Plus, A Free Template)

Want to win more new clients? Put some extra effort into your SEO proposals! An SEO proposal is essentially your sales pitch -- it's your chance to convince a new client that your agency is the perfect fit for them. Your prospective client is...

Joe Kindness
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