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If your agency manages marketing campaigns for eCommerce clients, tracking your results is crucial to their store’s profitability and growth. From PPC, SEO, and conversions, the eCommerce analytics dashboard template saves you time and money by tracking all your marketing metrics in one unified platform.
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What is an Ecommerce Dashboard?

With a powerful eCommerce dashboard, track and measure your clients’ overall online store performance by automatically collecting and displaying data from various platforms in the most intuitive way possible.

With our 80+ marketing integrations, this includes tracking data from Google Analytics, PPC campaign metrics, SEO rankings, and social media marketing performance alongside your client's eCommerce platform data.

Integrate directly with popular eCommerce platforms including Shopify, Stripe, and WooCommerce to create professional eCommerce performance dashboards and reports by automatically collecting and displaying data from various platforms in the most intuitive way possible.

Why You Should Use an Ecommerce Dashboard

Ecommerce stores present a perfect use case for a live dashboard as they generate a large amount of data from various platforms. When it comes to building and scaling your agency, having your eCommerce clients’ data consolidated into one easy-to-use platform is essential to making data-driven decisions.

With so many marketing channels available to eCommerce stores, it can be challenging to keep track of each one and compare how they relate to the overall success of the business.

Our eCommerce dashboard is updated in real time so that you and your clients know exactly what is going on in the business. For example, you can compare total sales, advertising costs, click-through rates, conversion rates, and more, all within a single comprehensive view.

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3 Sections Included in Our Ecommerce Template

Our eCommerce dashboard template is broken into three main sections with 18 individual metrics. Keep in mind that with our drag-and-drop editor you can easily add or remove any of these metrics for a fully customized user experience.

1. Sales Dashboard

The first section in our eCommerce template is dedicated to the site's overall sales. This section uses our Shopify integration as an example, although we also have an integration with WooCommerce. The metrics in this section include:

  • Total Sales

  • Net Sales

  • Total Refunds

  • Sales By Channel

  • Sales By Referrer

  • Products by Type

Ecommerce dashboard with Shopify and WooCommerce integration

With our widget update, each of the time-based metrics can be compared with previous date ranges, edited, and shared with clients:

Ecommerce dashboard with time-based metrics

2. Order Breakdown

Below the sales dashboard, we have a section dedicated to breaking down orders into top products sold, shipping, and taxes. We’ve also included one of the most important metrics for eCommerce businesses in this section: average order value (AOV).

The average order value is calculated by dividing the total revenue by the number of orders. Knowing this metric helps inform eCommerce businesses how much they can spend on average in order to acquire a customer, also known as the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). Specifically, the key metrics we’ve included in this section include:

  • Top Products Sold

  • Shipping

  • Taxes

  • Average Order Value

  • Average Order Goal

Shopify order breakdownShopify product dashboard

3. eCommerce Advertising Breakdown

Measuring the success of your advertising campaigns can be challenging, especially when the data is spread across multiple ad platforms. With our PPC section, you can consolidate data into a centralized view and compare the performance of each ad platform. Knowing exactly where your conversions came from and at what cost can bring the success of your advertising campaigns to a whole new level. The metrics we’ve included in this section include:

  • Google Shopping Cost

  • Google Shopping Conversions

  • FB Ads Cost Per Purchase

  • FB Ads Purchases

  • Snapchat Ads Purchases Value

  • Snapchat Ads Purchases

  • Snapchat Ads

Ecommerce advertising breakdown

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Why AgencyAnalytics Makes The Best Ecommerce Dashboards

All Your Paid Advertising Data In One Place

Integrate All Your PPC Channels

With all the PPC channels available to eCommerce businesses, a centralized platform for all your paid advertising efforts can go a long way. With integrations for Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Snapchat Ads, and many more, you can save time and impress clients with intuitive data visualization and customized reporting.

PPC Marketing Platform Integrations
Unlimited Number of Users

Give Clients Their Own Login

With a live eCommerce dashboard, you provide clients with their own login so they can monitor results in real-time. Create a custom marketing dashboard that shows the metrics and KPIs that matter most to clients or send them automated reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

create user in agency analytics
Tell a Story With Your Data

Add Annotations & Goals

Translate your clients’ data into plain English by adding annotations and goals to your line charts and time-based column charts. Highlight important changes in the account, set goals for the upcoming month, and keep clients up-to-date on the progress.

A screenshot showing custom chart annotations
Add Your Own Logo & Brading

White Labeled Ecommerce Dashboard

Our eCommerce dashboard can be 100% white-labeled to match your company's branding. Add your own logo, color scheme, and even host it on your own domain. Our platform gives you everything you need to call it your own.

A graphic showing white label options

Makes multi-platform reporting simple. Adding users and setting access level is literally a tick up. Setting up dashboard integrations is easy.

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