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New Integration: Pinterest is Here!

So last week, when we released our final update to the look of our existing social media modules, I told you that we’d be stepping away from our social integrations for awhile to focus on updates in other areas. Pinterest was originally slated to be released close to the end of the year, but work ended up proceeding much more quickly than expected and, well, we just couldn’t wait to roll it out for you guys.

If you’re not familiar, Pinterest is a social media platform where users “pin” media objects and organize them into collections. The Atlantic referred to is as “a database of intentions” and “the world’s largest set of objects that people care about”. Why does that matter to social media marketers and business owners? Well, for one, Pinterest now accounts for over 23% of social media driven online sales. In addition, Pinterest users spend over twice as much on referred purchases as Facebook users. Add to that the fact that Pinterest is now the 8th most popular social media site in the world, and you’ve got a revenue generation dream come true.

So before we move on to adding a “reviews” section, enhancing our dashboard customization options, and improving our reports editor, I’m thrilled to announce that as of right now, our Pinterest dashboard and reporting has been pushed out to all accounts system wide.

You’ll find it under Social –> Pinterest in your usual left-hand side navigation:

pinterest link

The new integration follows our new Social modules look and format, and allows you to track your Followers, Pins, Saves, and Comments over time…

pinterest screenshot

…as well as to highlight your site’s Pinterest “Feed”, showing off Saves and Comments on each post:

pinterest screenshot

As always, Pinterest options are now available in the client/staff permission settings, so that you can customize access to meet your business needs:

pinterest client permissions

And of course, you can immediately begin adding Pinterest sections to your automated reporting:

pinterest report editor

For those agencies that offer Pinterest marketing as a service, we hope that you love the new Pinterest integration, and that this brings you one step closer to having all of your important marketing metrics under one roof.

Written by Trever Clark

Director of Customer Communications at AgencyAnalytics. Passionate about: SaaS onboarding, customer success, and wild fermented sauerkraut.

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