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AgencyAnalytics Spotify Ads Reporting Integration
How to connect Spotify Ads integration

With Spotify Ad monthly active users increasing to 574 million in Q3 2023—a 26% year over year increase, more agencies are tapping into this audio giant’s ad platform to deliver results for their clients. Whether your agency is already using Spotify Ads to drive demand for your clients or it’s something on your roadmap, Spotify Ads are a growing opportunity to capture the attention of an audience that's actually listening.

Saving Time to Focus on Spotify Ads Success

In-house experts and audio advertising agencies help their clients reach new listeners with value-driven publicity that offers a great experience without interruption.

If you’re running Spotify ads for your clients, your team spends a good portion of its time adjusting ads until they’re just right. But you’re probably also spending too many billable hours each month putting together client reports instead of focusing on the marketing creative that drives results. 

With the Spotify Ads integration, each client you onboard gets access to their AgencyAnalytics reporting system from Day One. You have actionable insights at your fingertips and save countless hours each month on client reporting.

Your clients are happy with your agency's transparency and see that you are consistently delivering a solid ROI by presenting:

  • Ad Spend

  • Clicks

  • Impressions

  • CTR

  • Streaming Conversions Metrics (for music promotion campaigns)

Your clients also have a holistic overview of their ad campaigns and audience, as you’ve given them a login to a client-facing dashboard that saves time during your one-on-one meetings to discuss strategy rather than explain the numbers.

A Lower Barrier to Entry for Audio Ads 

Podcast advertising is effective—and on the rise. Of Spotify’s total monthly active user base, nearly 63% (361 million) are ad supported. This amount represents a 32% year over year increase for the streaming platform. 

Most agencies have a few clients that would love to place their products in different mediums and want to take advantage of Spotify Ads’ continual growth in ROAS. But when your team’s resources are limited, the extra effort to set up a new reporting system for the platform could be a roadblock.

That's now taken care of. Simply connect to the Spotify Ads integration in AgencyAnalytics for comprehensive reporting, allowing your team to focus exclusively on optimizing newer campaigns to improve ROAS for your clients. 

With that, your agency is ready to add a new advertising channel for a few of your willing clients. It's now much easier for your agency to test out the free voiceover tools and mixes Spotify offers, producing professional-quality ads for your clients' pilot campaigns.

Dive Into Spotify Ads Data With Zero Fuss

Marketing agencies that use Spotify to advertise their clients’ products or services need actionable data to optimize their digital audio campaigns. Accessing Spotify metrics in a visual marketing dashboard instead of the platform itself allows agencies to dedicate their efforts to strategizing and creating quality content. 

The Spotify Ads integration enables agencies to pull critical metrics into an intuitive reporting platform and combine them with other marketing channels to give a complete picture of their marketing activities. All drag-and-drop, zero fuss. 

The Spotify Ads dashboard in AgencyAnalytics organizes your clients’ latest Spotify metrics into an intuitive dashboard. 

Let’s look at what’s included in each dashboard tab.

1. Summary

summary tab spotify ads dashboard

The default mode of the Summary section provides you with an immediate snapshot of how your client’s Spotify Ads marketing efforts did over the last 30 days. It visually represents key metrics such as:

  • Hourly breakdowns 

  • Campaign summary 

  • Ad Completion

  • Spend

  • Clicks

  • Skips

  • Impressions

  • And more! 

You can always use the widgets on the right-hand side of your dashboard to drag and drop any key metrics you’d like to see. 

2. Campaigns

Spotify Ads campaigns

This tab offers you a more detailed view of the campaigns themselves, with more granular details into:

  • Impressions

  • Clicks

  • Spend 

  • CPC

  • CPM

  • CTR

  • Completes 

  • And more. 

3. Ad Sets

Spotify Ads ad sets

This is where a majority of your client’s ad performance data can be found. View performance and targeting information for each ad set such as platform type and gender targets. Compare how ad sets are performing with visual graphics that break down clicks, CPC, impressions, and more–all by Ad Set.   

4. Ads

Spotify Ads ads

Easily browse through your Ads, and keep track of their status–whether they’ve been approved, and if they’re still active. See how each ad is performing against the others to better improve your creatives. Preview each ad without ever leaving your dashboard! 

Connect the Spotify Ads Integration in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Navigate to the campaign you’d like to connect to the Spotify Ads integration. 

  2. Click on Integrations from the menu bar and then on Spotify Ads from the list of integrations. 

  3. You will first be prompted to connect to a new account, where you will enter your Spotify Ads credentials. 

After you enter the login credentials, the integration is complete, and your client’s Spotify Ads metrics will be imported and displayed within the dashboard.

Use additional data and filters to dig even further into the campaign performance data, including engagement rates, video completion rates, view-through conversions, and more. 

All of these metrics are organized in a visual way in your Spotify Ads dashboard and are automatically updated for you. The dashboard is divided into four tabs:

  • Account Summary

  • Campaigns 

  • Ad Sets

  • Ads

  • Audience 

If you run ads for multiple clients from a single Spotify Ads account, simply select the campaigns that you want to appear in each client’s dashboard so that they only see their data. 

Filter Spotify Ads data by Campaign, Ad Set and more!

All-in-One PPC Reporting with Spotify Ads

Present the data so that your clients’ successes point back to your agency’s efforts. Bring in metrics from Spotify Ads to analyze data and build comprehensive client reports in minutes. 

Combine your clients’ metrics from 80+ additional marketing channels, including Social Media, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Spotify Ads. (We’re adding new integrations each month!) AgencyAnalytics gives you a full suite of tools to scale your agency like white labeling, automated reporting, and client and staff management.  

PPC reporting with Spotify Ads integration

Use the PPC Report template to get your client reports out the door in minutes! New to AgencyAnalytics? Try it free for 14 days.

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