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View-Through Conversions

View-Through Conversions measure the number of conversions within a specific period after a user has seen an ad but hasn't clicked on it. This metric sheds light on the ad's indirect influence on user behavior.
View-Through Conversions

Evaluate Ads

Gauge the impact of ads beyond mere clicks.

Focus Budget

Efficiently allocate campaign resources to drive total revenue.

Client Reports

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Strategize Ad Types

Concentrate on ads driving the most conversions.

A Key Metric for Holistic Analysis

Why View-Through Conversions Matter

View-Through Conversion tracking fill the gaps that Click-Through Rates (CTR) can't. This metric is invaluable for a comprehensive analysis of an advertising campaign, helping to allocate resources wisely and adjust the targeting approach.

The View-Through Conversions metric captures conversions from users who have seen display network ads or video ads but didn't click.

This video advertising metric is particularly valuable for display and video advertising campaigns where brand exposure can influence user behavior, leading to conversions without direct interaction. For search network ads, the traditional focus is on direct interactions, such as clicks, because users are actively searching for specific information or products. Therefore, the concept of view-through conversions isn't directly applicable to search ads in the same way it is for display or video ads.

Why KPIs are Important for Client Reporting

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Building a Complete Performance Picture

How View-Through Conversions Interact with Other KPIs

View-Through Conversions are part of a broader metrics ecosystem, complementing others like Click-Through Rates, Click-Through Conversion rates, and Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). Examining these metrics collectively gives you a complete picture of an ad's effectiveness.

While CTR shows immediate action, View-Through Conversions often measure delayed or indirect impact. Similarly, ROAS gains more context when View-Through Conversions are included, capturing both direct and indirect returns from an ad campaign.

Conversion tracking is another KPI that complements view-through conversions. While Click-through Conversion Rate tracks the actions taken after a click, tracking View-Through Conversions records what happens when users see the ad but don't click.

Image Illustrating How KPIs Interact
KPIs give us common metrics, allowing us to have beneficial conversations that move their business in the direction they want. We’re not wasting time or resources moving metrics that the client doesn’t understand.
Lane Rizzardini, Marion Relationship Marketing

Measuring View-Through Conversions

View-Through Conversions are typically straightforward because the data comes directly from the advertising platform. These platforms track users who have viewed an ad but have yet to interact with it and then later complete a desired action, like making a purchase or filling out a form. This data is then presented as the View-Through Conversion rate, which is used to gauge the indirect effectiveness of ads.

However, it's crucial to approach this metric with a degree of caution. Just because an ad appeared on a user's screen doesn't guarantee that they noticed or were influenced by it. This caution is particularly important in retargeting campaigns. In such cases, a user might have been on the verge of conversion anyway. Attributing that entirely to the viewed ad could result in misleading data. Therefore, while View-Through Conversions provide valuable insights, they should be analyzed in conjunction with other KPIs for a balanced perspective.

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A Client's Lens on View-Through Conversions

Why View-Through Conversions Matter to Clients

For clients, View-Through Conversions offer a comprehensive measure of an ad's reach, directly influencing their perception of total Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). Unlike click-based metrics, this KPI captures the less direct yet substantial impacts of an ad, providing a fuller picture of marketing effectiveness.

Why KPIs Matter to Marketing Agency Clients
The Agency Angle

Why View-Through Conversions Matter to Agencies

Agencies find View-Through Conversions invaluable for illustrating their value. This KPI goes beyond immediate click-based actions to spotlight an ad's less visible but impactful reach. It's not just about what clients see; it's about demonstrating an agency's ability to generate unseen but significant value.

Why Marketing KPIs Matter to Agencies

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Analyzing View-Through Conversions with a Data-Driven Approach

Analyzing View-Through Conversions from multiple angles provides actionable insights for optimizing ad campaigns. This thorough evaluation helps in understanding current ad performance and sets the stage for more effective and data-driven decision-making in future campaigns.


View-Through Conversions Over Time

Look at the data longitudinally to identify any patterns or fluctuations. Knowing how View-Through Conversions trend over time helps inform seasonal adjustments or reveal the long-term impact of an ongoing campaign.


The Power of Visualization

Visual elements like charts and graphs make the View-Through Conversion data come alive. This helps easily spot trends and fosters a more engaging discussion with clients about what the numbers mean.


Why Context Matters

When presenting View-Through Conversions, placing them alongside other KPIs is crucial. This offers a more nuanced picture of an ad's performance–including both click-through and view-through conversions–making the metric more impactful and easier to understand.


View-Through Conversions Across Campaigns

Evaluate the metric across different campaigns to determine which messaging or creative approach results in higher View-Through Conversions. This helps fine-tune future campaigns for better performance. It’s common to see a significantly higher number of View-Through conversions in retargeting campaigns than the typical display ad. This is often influenced by the customer's likelihood to purchase.


Understand Platforms and Impression Tracking Variances

Different platforms have varying rules for tracking impressions, which can significantly affect View-Through Conversions. For example, some platforms count an ad as viewed even if it loads below the fold and isn't actually seen. Understanding these nuances ensures more accurate and reliable reporting.


Interpreting Trends and Anomalies

Any spikes or drops should prompt a closer look. Identifying the reasons behind these anomalies offers crucial insights, but they don’t always mean immediate adjustments are needed. View-Through Conversions should be used as a secondary, supporting metric to help fill in a more complete view of overall campaign performance, but they are very rarely the primary success metric.

Google Ads Reporting Made Easy

Google Ads Dashboard Example

AgencyAnalytics offers a seamless way to track view-through conversions as part of customizable Google Ads reports and dashboards. The platform presents data intuitively, making it easier to compare View-Through Conversions with other vital metrics, including Google Analytics data. Whether an agency wants to present an in-depth performance review of view-through and click-through conversions, or a client needs to glance at the top-level stats, the dashboard's versatility caters to both needs. With a drag-and-drop report builder, it’s easy to drill down into specific campaigns or ad groups. All these features make AgencyAnalytics an effective tool for tracking how View-Through Conversions contribute to campaign success.
Google Ads integration with AgencyAnalytics KPI Dashboard Example

How To Improve View-Through Conversions

Increasing View-Through Conversions is a high-impact way to prove that display ads are more than just eye candy. Placement, creative visuals, and ad frequency are critical factors. Here are three actionable tips to boost your client’s numbers.


Optimize Ad Position

Placement is everything. Running ads in prime positions on a webpage increases visibility and, in turn, the likelihood of View-Through Conversions.


Test Ad Design

Creative visuals grab attention. A/B test different designs to identify which elements capture the viewer's attention and reinforce their decision to purchase. 


Limit Ad Frequency

Seeing the same ad too often can annoy the target customers. Monitor frequency metrics and adjust the campaigns to optimize conversion while avoiding ad fatigue.

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