Google Ads Reporting Tool

White labeled Google Ads reporting designed to turn your agency’s PPC management services into a seamless experience.

Google Ads Reporting Tool integration on AgencyAnalytics

Campaign Analysis

Account level snapshot of critical campaign-based KPIs & metrics

PPC Metrics

Monitor clicks, impressions, conversion rate, cost, CPC, and much more

Keyword Reporting

Keyword-level analysis for every term that generated clicks or impressions

Conversion Tracking

Track campaign performance and the ROI of each conversions

Say Goodbye to Manual Reporting

Automate PPC Reporting

For many agencies, monthly Google Ads reporting involves collecting, aggregating, and visualizing data manually with spreadsheets. Our automated PPC reporting software lets you build reports in minutes and put the entire process on autopilot. Using free templates, build a report or dashboard in minutes and clearly showcase the value of your PPC management services to clients.

A screenshot of a PPC overview report in AgencyAnalytics
Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available Google Ads Metrics

See all the metrics you can easily add to your client reports and marketing dashboards
    • All Conv
    • All Conv Rate
    • All Conv Value
    • All Conv Value Per Click
    • All Conv Value Per Cost
    • Avg Cost
    • Avg CPC
    • Avg CPE
    • Avg CPM
    • Avg CPV
    • Avg Pageviews
    • Avg Time On Site
    • Bounce Rate
    • Calls
    • Clicks
    • Content Impr Share
    • Content Lost Is Budget
    • Content Lost Is Rank
    • Conv Value Per Click
    • Conv Value Per Cost
    • Conversion Rate
    • Conversion Value
    • Conversions
    • Cost
    • Cost All Conv
    • Cost Per Conv
    • CTR
    • Date
    • Engagement Rate
    • Engagements
    • Gmail Clicks
    • Gmail Forwards
    • Gmail Saves
    • Impr Abs Top
    • Impr Top
    • Impressions
    • Interaction Rate
    • Interactions
    • Measurable Cost
    • Measurable Impressions
    • Measurable Rate
    • Missed
    • Percent New Visitors
    • Phone Calls
    • Phone Impressions
    • Phone Through Rate
    • Received
    • Search Abs Top Impr Share
    • Search Budget Lost Impression Share
    • Search Impr Share
    • Search Lost Abs Top Is Budget
    • Search Lost Top Is Budget
    • Search Rank Lost Impression Share
    • Search Top Impr Share
    • Unknown
    • Value All Conv
    • Value Conv
    • View Rate
    • View Through Conv
    • Viewable CPM
    • Viewable CTR
    • Viewable Impressions
    • Viewable Rate
    • Views
    Put the ROI your agency provides in the spotlight

    Prominently Display Conversion Metrics

    Conversions are king! Put your clients' PPC conversion metrics front and center in your reports to ensure they know exactly how much value your agency provides. Prominent, dedicated conversion sections are available in both our live PPC dashboards and automated reports.

    A collage of Google Ads conversion metrics
    Reporting at the Individual Keyword Level

    Analyze Campaigns at the Keyword Level

    Impress clients with a keyword-level PPC analysis. Start with a full color graphical overview, and then dive deep with clicks, impressions, conversions and a number of other granular metrics.

    Google Ads top keyword metrics
    Approachable, High Level Campaign Reporting

    Simplified Campaign Metrics

    Clients aren't necessarily marketers, and for many of them, it's easy to get overwhelmed by too many stats. Provide them with live dashboards and automated PPC reports that offer a high-level overview of their Google Search, Display, YouTube, Performance Max, and other campaigns. Highlight essential metrics to convey just the right amount of information to keep your clients informed but not overwhelmed.

    A collage of Google Ads campaign metrics
    PPC Markup Tool

    Add Your PPC Markup to Each Report

    Many PPC agencies add a markup to the Google Ads cost. In order to avoid confusion with your clients, use the PPC markup tool to configure a single account-wide markup, or add custom markups for individual clients & channels. This will automatically add your agency's PPC management fees to cost reports for a seamless experience.

    A collage of PPC markup tools in AgencyAnalytics
    24/7 On-Demand Data

    Live PPC Dashboards

    Many clients love having access to live PPC data they can review on their own schedule. Providing clients with their own login to a live dashboard is the gold standard for trust and transparency. Many clients find the native Google Ads dashboard overly complex and confusing. Your Google Ads reporting platform is designed to give clients live data in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

    A screenshot of a live PPC dashboard in AgencyAnalytics
    Custom Google Ads Reporting

    Custom PPC Reporting

    Every client is unique and has their own reporting needs. One might be thrilled with a simple Google Ads report template summarizing their clicks and conversions. Another might look forward to poring over exhaustive keyword-level data. Whatever your clients' needs, the intuitive reports editor makes it easy to quickly build customized report layouts.

    A screenshot of a custom report being created in AgencyAnalytics
    Your Logo, Your Branding, Your Layout

    White Labeled Reports

    Enhance your brand presentation by white labeling your PPC reports with your own branding. Your custom-branded reports meet the high standards of many of the worlds’ largest agencies, while offering a simple setup process that is designed for agencies of all sizes.

    A screenshot of white label settings in AgencyAnalytics

    Connect the Google Ads integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

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