Google Ads Reporting Tool

White labeled Google Ads reporting. Designed and crafted to highlight your agency's marketing impact.

Campaign Analysis

Account level snapshot of crucial campaign-based metrics

PPC Metrics

Clicks, impressions, conversion rate, cost, CPC, and much more

Keyword Reporting

Keyword level analysis for every term that generated clicks or impressions

Conversion Tracking

Track key performance data for both click-through and view-through conversions

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Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets

Automate Client PPC Reporting

For many agencies, monthly Google Adwords reporting involves endless spreadsheets and stressful late nights. Our automated reporting system lets you build reports in minutes and put them on autopilot. No more spreadsheets or burned out employees! Build a report in minutes with the best Google Ads reporting tool available.

Scheduled reporting graphic
Get full credit for the ROI that your agency provides

Prominent Conversion Metrics

Conversions are king! Put your client's conversion metrics front and center; make sure they know exactly how much value your agency provides. Prominent, dedicated conversion sections available in both our live dashboards and automated reports.

Time chart showing conversions over time
Fantastic tool - don't know how we survived without it
Brandon Howard - All My Web Needs
Clicks, Impressions & Live Ad Copy

Comprehensive Ads KPIs including Live Ad Copy

Automatically provide clients with their actual live ad copy, alongside ad based metrics like clicks, impressions, average position and top ad landing pages.

Sample metrics for adwords dashboard
Reporting at the individual keyword level

Keyword-level Analysis and KPIs

Impress demanding clients with a keyword-by-keyword ads analysis. Start with a full color graphical overview, and then dive deep with average position, clicks, impressions, conversions and a slew of other detailed metrics.

Chart showing top search keywords
Great Product. Even Better Customer Service.
Brittany Butler - The Nunnely Group
Approachable, High Level Campaign Reporting

Simplified Campaign Metrics

Clients aren't necessarily marketers or "techies", and for many of them it's easy to get overwhelmed by details. Both our live dashboards and automated reports offer high level, campaign based overview modules to convey just the right amount of information.

Countless Google Ads Report Possibilities

Customized Report Layouts

Every client is a unique individual with unique reporting needs. One might be thrilled with a simple Google Ads report template summarizing their clicks and conversions. Another might look forward to poring over exhaustive keyword-by-keyword data. Whatever your clients' needs, our intuitive reports editor makes it easy to quickly craft individualized report layouts.

Add Your Agency's Markup %

PPC Margin

Clients don't care what YOU pay for PPC. They want to see the total cost to them, after any markup that your agency adds. Configure a single markup % account wide, or add a custom markup for individual clients.

Your Logo, Your Branding, Your Layout

White Labeled Reports

Enhance your brand presentation by white labeling your PPC reports with your own branding. Our polished and custom branded reports meet the high standards of even large multinational agencies, while offering a setup process simple enough for small agencies and freelancers.

White label settings
Live, Accurate, On-Demand

Live Data without the "Information Overload"

Clients adore having access to live data. It's the gold standard for trust and transparency. But many clients find the native Google Ads interface to be complex and confusing. Our streamlined dashboard gives clients the live data that they crave, while giving you complete control over their precise access permissions.