Showcase Your Agency’s Impact on Client Revenue With the Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Client Reporting Integration

Want to show just how much your marketing agency is impacting your client’s bottom line? Now you can with AgencyAnalytics’ newest–and highly requested–Salesforce integration

Pull all the data from your clients’ Salesforce cloud application to highlight sales and marketing activities including

Use the intuitive AgencyAnalytics interface to provide clarity on your clients’ Salesforce CRM data with easy-to-use reports and dashboards.

Your clients use Salesforce for their detailed lead generation data and its ability to measure the revenue impact. However, the Salesforce interface can be clunky and complicated, making it difficult to highlight the most important KPIs. The Salesforce integration from AgencyAnalytics makes it easier than ever for agencies to parse their clients’ Salesforce data by bringing it into an intuitive, streamlined dashboard and automatically generating reports that your clients will love. 

So who is the Salesforce integration for, and how can agencies harness the power of lead and revenue data? 

Harness the Power of Salesforce Data for Your Client Reports  

This integration is perfect for your agency clients on a Salesforce plan that supports API access (check with a Salesforce admin for details). Implementing a powerful CRM like Salesforce means that these clients are serious about tracking their lead generation data and keeping a close eye on MQLs, SQLs, Opportunities, and revenue. Easily track their Salesforce metrics straight from your AgencyAnalytics account and showcase the value your agency is bringing to the table.

These clear and concise reports include the number, type, and quality of leads you’re driving to your client’s business–and the revenue too. Here are some things the Salesforce integration does for you:

  • Visualize the number of leads you’re driving to a client’s business, including where that lead currently is in the pipeline between MQL, SQL, Opportunity, or Closed-won / closed lost. 

  • Track opportunities and how they impact revenue

  • Analyze accounts and sales performance

  • See how Salesforce marketing campaigns are moving leads through the pipeline 

Best of all, you and your clients don’t need to be trained Salesforce admins to understand the data! AgencyAnalytics’ Salesforce dashboards and reports show the most important stats all in one place. Attach revenue to lead types and prove to your clients that what you’re delivering is turning into revenue.

Let’s take a closer look at the lead, revenue, and campaign data.

Revenue and Lead Generation Data That’s Easy to Understand  

With the Salesforce integration, agencies automatically pull in their clients’ latest Salesforce stats into a powerful, live dashboard. 

Toggle between four sections of your Salesforce dashboard to look at Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, and Campaign information–all at-a-glance:

salesforce dashboard

Put all your clients’ Salesforce KPIs under one roof–in minutes–with our Salesforce dashboard. New to AgencyAnalytics? Try it free for 14 days

Highlight Important Lead Data

The leads tab of your dashboard clearly outlines the:

  • Number of leads over time

  • Lead generation pipeline – with an intuitive visual

  • The number of leads and their types (MQLs, SQLs, New Customers)

  • Lead conversion rate 

  • Converted revenues

  • Lead details (Name and Contact information)

  • Lead status

  • And more.

salesforce leads data marketing dashboard

Agency Tip: Use this section to show the number of leads your agency is driving to its client’s business, and how successful your marketing campaigns are at driving more leads. Highlight conversion rates to demonstrate lead quality.

Take a Deep Dive Into Opportunities

Track the details of opportunities to focus on sales revenue pipeline activities and forecasting  by showing:

  • Number of opportunities over time

  • Opportunity pipeline

  • Opportunities won

  • Amount won/lost

  • Expected revenues

  • Win rate

  • Stage

  • And more. 

salesforce opportunities data marketing dashboard

Agency Tip: Use this section to attach a $ number to the leads you’re driving to the bottom of your client’s funnel. 

Break Down Account Information

This section essentially breaks down your clients’ audience growth stats by displaying: 

  • Number of client accounts over time

  • Number of accounts by industry

  • Revenue by industry segment

  • Account owner/Sales rep

  • Account information

  • And more.

salesforce account data marketing dashboard

Agency Tip: Use this section to display your clients’ account growth over time and identify top-performing industries that to target further in your marketing campaigns. 

Monitor Salesforce Marketing Campaign Performance 

Display your clients’ marketing campaign results data from Salesforce by presenting:

  • Campaign name and type

  • Number of campaigns

  • Number of targeted individuals

  • Number of opportunities

  • Value of won opportunities

  • Campaign info and status

  • Budgeted cost

  • And more. 

salesforce campaign data marketing dashboard

Agency Tip: See how well various Salesforce marketing campaigns are converting existing leads into accounts. Easily identify stronger vs. weaker campaigns and create a plan of action to improve these metrics. 

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Salesforce Reporting for Agencies

Agencies that are revenue-focused should show how their marketing efforts are impacting their clients’ bottom lines. 

Combine your Salesforce dashboard overview with deeper-dive data from your clients’ other marketing channels such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, and over 75 integrations. Give your clients the complete picture of your marketing campaigns and revenue generation activity. 

salesforce drag-and-drop marketing dashboard

The white labeled, drag and drop editor makes it easy for your agency team to create these visually appealing and easy-to-understand reports and dashboards. Set up customized reports for each of your clients in minutes, so you don’t have to start from scratch every time.

Automating your Salesforce Reporting

Once you set up your client’s reports based on Salesforce data, automate it to be sent out regularly so you can forget about reporting deadlines. Some agencies choose to review the report before it is sent to clients. The review process provides you with the opportunity to personalize the report with a brief Summary and include Annotations using the handy text boxes to highlight key findings.

Check out all the features of the new Salesforce Reporting Integration.

Make it easy for you to showcase your clients’ successes–and show straight-up how valuable your agency is to its clients’ businesses. Now that you track your clients’ sales and present them in a way that’s easy to understand, it’s that much easier to reduce client churn, enhance client satisfaction and improve client retention for the long run.

This integration is available on all AgencyAnalytics plans. New to AgencyAnalytics? Start with your free 14-day trial and pump out those reports in no time.

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