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4 Social Listening Tools to Inform Your Agency’s Twitter Marketing Strategy

social listening for an informed twitter marketing strategy

Marketing agencies are often so bogged down by planning Tweets and deliverables for their clients that they forget to listen to what’s really happening on social media. They miss out on opportunities to further their clients’ Twitter reach and improve their brand image simply because they haven’t incorporated social listening into their marketing strategy. 

If you don’t know what’s happening on Twitter, your clients’ Tweets can end up being tone deaf, or not reaching their full potential. That’s where social listening comes into play.

In short, social listening is the tracking of social media platforms for mentions and discussions related to your clients’ brands, followed by the analysis of this information to discover new opportunities. 

The best social media marketing agencies have eyes and ears everywhere. They know what’s happening and what’s not happening, which allows them to more effectively serve their clients. There are several tools that can put your agency on the right track and pump out some winning Twitter campaigns. Let’s check out four of the best. 

4 Social Listening Tools for an Informed Twitter Marketing Strategy

To create an informed Twitter marketing strategy, social listening allows agencies to stay on top of:

  • Industry trends

  • Opportunities to make clients’ posts go viral

  • Replies, likes, and retweets about your clients’ brands to identify top followers

  • Trending hashtags to generate additional traffic 

  • The collective shifting of public opinions to avoid viral firestorms 

There’s no shortage of social listening tools you can employ to improve your Twitter marketing strategy. However, you don’t want to spread yourself too thin. You want to focus on the tools that are proven to generate results. 

That’s where these five Twitter tools come into play. 

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You don’t have to look any further than Twitter itself to get started with social listening. Its advanced search feature is a good jumping-off point.

Twitter’s advanced search is exactly what it sounds like. It allows you to search for anything and everything imaginable, making it simple to “listen without any noise.” In addition to searching by keywords, you can filter by:

  • User accounts

  • Date range

  • Location

  • Language 

  • Engagement (# of likes, retweets, and replies)

Here’s an example: 

  • Exact phrase: content marketing 

  • Language: English

  • Engagement: Minimum likes of 100

  • Dates: February 1, 2022 to February 21, 2022

Now for the results:

twitter advanced search for a better twitter marketing strategy

The default search provides you with “top” results but you can also filter by latest, people, photos, and videos. With a popular search term like content marketing, it’s good practice to use these filters to narrow the results.

No matter what type of social listening you’re doing on Twitter — from a specific industry to videos only — the advanced search feature can be your guiding light to know what your clients’ audiences are Tweeting about and what hashtag trends to get onboard with to extend their reach. 

Of course, you want to make sure that you are actually “listening” to what is happening on Twitter and not just jump on a trending hashtag.  We all remember the backlash DiGiorno earned when they inappropriately jumped in on the #WhyIStayed conversation

It’s critical for your agency to understand not only what is trending, but why it’s trending and the context around it. 

2. YouScan

You only have so much time in your day for social listening. So it’s imperative to work as efficiently as possible. This is where YouScan comes into play. As an AI-powered social media listening tool, you don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting.

YouScan has features for all aspects of social media listening, including:

  • Trend detection

  • Spam filtering 

  • Logo recognition

  • Audience research 

Just like Twitter’s advanced search feature, YouScan has filters — such as language, geography, and sources — to ensure you only hear what you want. 

YouScan Twitter Listening Screenshot Example


This is an example of YouScan’s image recognition feature at work. Your clients will love the fact that you can monitor Twitter for their both text and logo mentions to keep track of what people are saying about their brands. Your agency can easily monitor any negative comments or sentiments to maintain your clients’ brand integrity and better inform your social media response time. 

3. TweetDeck

In the early days, TweetDeck was an independent company. However, it’s now part of Twitter Inc. and integrated into the company’s interface. This alone makes it one of the most powerful social listening tools.

TweetDeck is best described as “your personal browser for staying in touch with what's happening now.” It’s just what you need to make the most of your social listening strategy.

You can customize TweetDeck to match the specific requirements of each client. 

tweet deck social listening tool

For social listening, create a dashboard with columns for:

  • Home

  • Notifications 

  • Trending

  • Likes

  • Mentions

  • Activity

While it’s similar to Twitter’s advanced search feature in many ways, the primary difference is the ability to view all your data — based on your selections — in the same place. 

social listening for twitter marketing strategy


There’s no more searching far and wide. You can do all your listening in one place, which saves you time and allows you to provide excellent service to your clients. 

4. Mention

Monitor. Listen. Publish. You can do all of these things — plus more — with Mention. Let’s break down how each of these work:

  • Monitor: Track more than one billion sources across the web to see what’s being said about your clients. 

  • Listen: Listen to conversations on social media, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

  • Publish: Draft, schedule, and publish posts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Let’s look at how Mention can help with social listening. The goal of the tool is to help you “build your social media strategy by listening to conversations around relevant topics for your brand.”

Some of the best ways to use Mention for social listening include:

  • Identifying trending topics 

  • Reviewing audience insights

  • Identifying social media influencers

social listening on twitter marketing strategy


In a similar manner as TweetDeck, there’s a dashboard that displays all your data in one place. This includes Twitter feed, influencer suggestions, insight center, and report creator.

By adding alerts, you can focus on the information you’re seeking while blocking out potential distractions. If someone is talking about a client’s brand on Twitter or anywhere else on the web, Mention will find it. 

Agency Tip: Track Your Results in a Social Media Dashboard

Social listening is a good start, but it’s only the beginning of a well-executed Twitter marketing strategy. Now, apply your knowledge to your campaigns and track your results in one place with a Twitter integration in your social media dashboard. 

With the help of a dashboard — which allows you to efficiently track all your clients’ other marketing analytics too— you can continually improve upon your Twitter marketing strategy based on your data.  


Social listening is invaluable, as blindly posting isn’t a Twitter marketing strategy–especially when there are over 500 million tweets sent out each day! When combined with one or more of the tools above, you can share detailed data with your clients, prove your value as an agency, and provide actionable advice. 

And speaking of tools, AgencyAnalytics makes it simple to automate your client reporting in minutes. With all your client's data in one place, you can show them just how well you’ve been listening! 

What are your thoughts on these Twitter social listening tools? Do you have other favorites that you rely on? Tweet this article to @agencyanalytics with your feedback!

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Chris Bibey

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